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Video: 'Real Housewives' Look for Bigfoot | Coast to Coast AM

In an entertaining mix of two strange worlds, the latest edition of the reality TV program "Real Housewives of Dallas" saw the ladies embark on a search for Bigfoot.

Odd Rock Spotted on Mars | Coast to Coast AM

NASA's Perseverance Mars Rover recently spotted a curious rock that has left scientists at the space agency scratching their heads.

Bigfoot sightings are inevitable at Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park

It's Bigfoot! Not the REAL Bigfoot but a large statue of the creature that arrived atCoral Pink Sand Dunes State Park earlier this year. The statue is placed in hidden locations within the state park’s boundaries. If you come across him, be sure to take a selfie. Post the selfie to your social media accounts with the hashtags #CoralPinkSandDunes and #SandSquatch. If you show the post to park staff at the visitor’s center, you’ll get a discount on an awesome T-shirt.

Video: Fossilized Bigfoot Thumb Found? | Coast to Coast AM

A Bigfoot researcher in Florida found a curious object which he believes could be the fossilized thumb of a Sasquatch.

Annual Canadian UFO Survey Finds Significant Increase in Sightings for 2020 | Coast to Coast AM

A fascinating and exhaustive annual examination of UFO reports from Canada found that 2020 was a particularly active year for sightings with a whopping 46% increase in cases.