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Leaked Documents Show Pentagon Was Studying UFO-Related Phenomena

Newly leaked documents published by Popular Mechanics show that a shadowy Pentagon program produced reports investigating phenomena such as injuries from 'exotic' propulsion that mention UFOs.

Blind Man Claims He Regained Sight Again After Getting Hit By A Car

He's even working at the hospital that treated him now

Watch: Odd UFO Filmed in California - Coast to Coast AM

A curious piece of footage from California appears to show a perfectly round object hovering in the sky over some houses and no one can quite figure out what it was.

Study uncovers new electronic state of matter

A research team led by professors from the University of Pittsburgh Department of Physics and Astronomy has announced the discovery of a new electronic state of matter.

The Artist Trying to Explain Kentucky's 'Meat Shower' of 1876

A historical head-scratcher inspired the world's worst jelly bean flavor.