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Huge 'alien tractor beam' shines over mountains for three hours baffing locals

A huge golden beam was spotted shining down at the Zigana Pass in the Pontic Mountains, near the Turkish border similar to UFO tractor beams seen in sci-fi movies

Mysterious 'ghost swing' in children's play area leaves dog walker 'creeped out'

A woman named Charlotte was completely spooked out after she witnessed a swing in a children's play area moving on its own, and now she thinks a ghost was riding it

The sleepy Yorkshire town that’s home to unexplained UFO abductions

Chance Encounters in the Valley of Lights is a compendium that traces extraterrestrial sightings in the place dubbed the UK’s answer to Roswell

Birdsall: Melon heads, Dogman give UFOs, Bigfoot a run for their money

Move over, Sasquatch. You've got some competition.

Loch Ness Monster could look completely different as new light shed on mystery

Nessie is often depicted looking like a plesiosaur with a long neck and a head emerging from the water but a recent study of a fossilised elasmosaurus - which is a type of plesiosaur - has revealed they didn't hold their heads that way