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Ten years after the Higgs, physicists face the nightmare of finding nothing else

Unless Europe’s Large Hadron Collider coughs up a surprise, the field of particle physics may wheeze to its end

UAPs? UFOs? Mysterious Lights in San Diego Sky Identified by SDPD

Callers told NBC 7 that the flares were visible as far north as La Jolla and as far south as Rosarito, in Baja California

Naval crew confirm warships were swarmed by 100 'other worldly' UFOs

Naval crew have told documentary maker Jeremy Corbell that US warships were swarmed in 2019 by 'at least 100' UFOs with unexplainable capabilities.

Raining Texarkana fish came from nervous birds, study says

researchers has an alternative explanation for the “raining fish” phenomenon last year in Texarkana that draw national fascination.

Mystery of 'Night of the UFOs' as fighters 'chased 11,500mph craft'

FIGHTER jets chased mysterious bright objects – some of them 300ft wide and travelling at 11,500 mph – in Brazil’s epic ‘Night of the UFOs’. Five bewildered pilots tes…