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The Dying Light: Exploring the strange phenomenon of lights seen at the time of death - The Daily Grail

“Sunrise doesn’t last all morning, a cloudburst doesn’t last all day,” George Harrison sang on the title track to his first post-Beatles solo album, All Things Must Pass. Although the song is naturally seen as an ode to the impermanence of human life, the lyrics also note that never-ending change means that those left grieving […]

Why Would Aliens Want Earth Anyway?

Are aliens among us? Let’s examine the evidence.

'Disc-like UFO' spotted over skies of Leeds during full moon

A 'disc-like' UFO has been spotted over the skies of Leeds.

Philosopher: Consciousness is Not a Problem. Dualism Is! | Mind Matters

Physicalist David Papineau argues that consciousness “seems mysterious not because of any hidden essence, but only because we think about it in a special way.” In short, it’s all in our heads.