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Area 51 & Area 52: Secret Underground Levels? | Mysterious Universe

Undeniable imagery has led to suspicions that the bulk of Area 51 is situated way below the surface of the Nevada desert.

Navy Officer Recalls Seeing Two-Mile-Wide UFO Over Military Base | Mysterious Universe

A U.S. Navy veteran has come forward with his story about a two-mile-wide UFO that was hovering over a military base in Virginia.

Russian Media Shows Video of Alleged Female Bigfoot Running | Mysterious Universe

After seeing a video of what looks like a female Bigfoot running, experts head to southwestern Russia to look for it.

Russian Running Bigfoot Video Update – "They hit the Yeti!" | Mysterious Universe

The story of the running female Bigfoot captured on video and broadcast on Russian media recently just took another bizarre twist.

The Pentagon Now Says There Was No Secret UFO Program | Mysterious Universe

An email from a Pentagon spokesperson says the previous admission that the US government was investigating UFOs was wrong.