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If there is phosphine on Venus, there isn't much

In the absence of direct observations of extraterrestrial life, scientists often focus on searching for biosignatures, chemical by-products of life, that can be detected with remote sensing. Although ...

All life in our solar system may have begun on Mars

When Mars was a young planet, it was bombarded by ice asteroids delivering water and organic molecules necessary for life to emerge.

Strange coincidences: Are they fluke events or acts of God?

What's the probability of something happening? Or of two things happening at once? Scientists offer up explanations for "meaningful coincidences."

48,500 year old zombie virus trapped in ice revived by scientists

The 48,500 year old 'zombie virus' and 12 others were found beneath melting permafrost in Siberia

Four-year-old identified as Rinpoche's reincarnation

Four-year-old Nawang Tashi Rapten was formally identified as the reincarnation of Taklung Tsetrul Rinpoche, the head of the Nyingma School of Tibetan Buddhism, in an elaborate religious ceremony at a Buddhist monastery here today. Rinpoche had passed away in 2015.