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UFO sighting: Expert unravels mystery behind Boston UFO footage - 'As suspected'

UFO experts have analysed video footage of a mystery UFO over Boston to determine whether it could be the real deal.

Tom DeLonge’s Warped UFO Tour

Space aliens are having a moment in America, thanks to the Blink-182 frontman’s E.T.-hunting A-team. But what’s his real plan?

US officials investigate UFO sighting after mysterious object sparks panicked phone calls

US OFFICIALS launched an investigation into a UFO following a flurry of calls concerning a mysterious, almost-transparent object in the skies above Denver, Colorado this week.

Watch: UFO Spotted in Background of NBC Nightly News Segment | Coast to Coast AM

An attentive viewer watching NBC Nightly News earlier this week spotted a curious cylindrical object zipping across the sky in the background of a segment.

Wondering what the weird lights are in the sky over Edinburgh - you're not alone

Edinburgh residents have been left baffled by the lights floating in the sky most nights - with some claiming that they're from a 'paranormal' source!