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How search for UFOs helped lead US government to Chinese spy balloons

U.S. intelligence review of UFOs played a role in detecting that China had a balloon surveillance program.

Children come 'eye-to-eye with Bigfoot' after following awful smell in forest

A group of children were startled when they came 'eye-to-eye with Bigfoot' after they followed a 'God-awful smell' which led them to the beast while on a camping trip in California

U.S. Shoots Down Suspected Chinese Spy Balloon over Atlantic

The balloon was downed off the coast of South Carolina and an operation is under way to recover the resulting debris.

Colour changing UFO spotted in Russia as Putin hints at nuclear war

A UFO was spotted during Putin's Volgograd visit to mark the anniversary of the Battle of Stalingrad on Thursday as the president spoke of the possibility of nuclear war