Workplace rights for California workers navigating the omicron surge

Workers, regardless of immigration status, are protected by California labor laws. Here’s what to know about those protections and available benefits at this stage of the pandemic.

Southern California battered by powerful winds leaving thousands of residents without power

Clean-up continues and thousands of homes remain without power across Southern California after strong winds wreaked havoc over the weekend.

Chris Noth looks worse for wear as he leaves a house party

A disheveled Chris Noth was spotted leaving a house party in Manhattan Beach, California on Sunday amid the fallout from multiple sexual abuse allegations leveled against the actor by four women.

California's embattled utility leaves criminal probation, but more charges loom

Since 2017 the utility has been blamed for more than 30 wildfires that wiped out more than 23,000 homes and businesses and killed more than 100 people.

California politics doesn’t reward competence. That’s why talent keeps leaving

This can be frustrating for the most creative and public-spirited minds in public office,...

Golden State tarnished: Ex-pats reveal 'why we left California for...

With the Golden State losing more residents than it's gaining, some expats reveal why they fled: from prices to politics to pomposity.

JOE MATHEWS: Why California's best public servants leave public office

If you want to serve the people of California, is public office the best place for you?

Fact or Fiction: California ran out of U-Hauls in 2021?

A story you may have seen claims so many people are leaving California that U-Haul ran out of trucks in our state.

LA woman leaves baby in stroller OUTSIDE ice cream store while inside

An onlooker named Kate Graham became alarmed after she noticed the toddler sitting by herself. She took a video and posted it to TikTok, where it quickly went viral.

‘Painful Process’: Why Andreas Borgeas is Leaving California Senate

Share with friends  Andreas Borgeas climbed the rungs of the public service ladder. One term at the Fresno City Council, two terms at the Fresno County Board of Supervisors, and an election victory in the state Senate. For a time, the 47-year-old Borgeas considered running for a congressional seat — either for the vacant, short-term […]

Mathews: Why California’s best public servants are leaving office

The state can’t succeed if its most talented leaders find politics too demoralizing.

How supply chain crunch, limited security, idle trains made cargo in L.A. vulnerable to thieves

The crush of cargo at the ports of L.A. and Long Beach, plus limited security on rail lines, helped make cargo trains vulnerable to theft, expert say.

Column: Why California's best public servants leave public office

California can’t succeed if its most talented leaders conclude that serving in public office is not the best way to serve the public.

Abandoned on Los Angeles Train Tracks: Family Photos and Covid Tests

A Union Pacific rail hub in Lincoln Heights has increasingly become a target for thieves, who are leaving behind packages.

What departing Californians gain when they move out of state

Many folks prefer to cash out and get financial security even if it means leaving California’s salubrious climate, beaches and national parks.

No way out: How the poor get stranded in California nursing homes

Many poor nursing home residents find themselves stuck in facilities and unable to return home.

Editorial: Want to stop the prison-to-street pipeline? Pass this bill to provide housing

Too many people who leave prison end up on the street. That’s bad for everyone. Lawmakers should approve a program to get them housed.

How poor Californians languish in nursing homes

A CalMatters investigation unpacks the factors that result in thousands staying in California nursing homes against their will.

Yes, U-Haul Ran Out of Trucks for People Moving Out of California

California's population boom came to a screeching halt during the COVID-19 pandemic.

California coronavirus updates: Chico State offers some return to in-person learning

Next week, many colleges and universities will return from a winter break marked by record numbers of COVID-19 cases.