Gavin Newsom’s political fate in balance as final votes cast in California recall

Polls show lead for governor as election with national ramifications draws to a close
theguardian.comSep 14

California recall election: Fact-checking Governor Newsom and his challengers

BBC News looks at some of the claims made by the governor and his challengers on the campaign trail.
bbc.comSep 14

California couple dies of covid, leaving five kids behind. Their newborn is three weeks old.

Davy Macias, 37, was intubated and dying of complications from covid-19 when doctors helped her give birth to her daughter. She would never see her baby. Her husband, Daniel Macias, 39, would only get a brief glimpse of their child because he, too, was hospitalized after contracting the virus. According to Davy's sister-in-law, Terri Serey, Daniel waited to name the baby girl because he believed he and his wife would walk out of the hospital alive to introduce the newborn to their four other chi 13

California couple die of covid, leaving five kids behind. Their newborn is 3 weeks old.

A mother and father died before they were able to name their newborn baby.
washingtonpost.comSep 13

In California, Republicans Struggle to Expand the Recall’s Appeal

California has not been as progressive lately as its reputation would suggest. Yet Republicans have had trouble breaking the recall out of the fringe.
nytimes.comSep 13

Larry Elder rallies at California megachurch ahead of recall election

"People are leaving, crime is up, homelessness is up – there's no area where I believe this man has done a good job," said Elder of Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom.
newsweek.comSep 12

California parents of 5 children, including a newborn, die of COVID-19 a couple of weeks apart

The couple developed symptoms after going on a family trip to the beach and an indoor water park at the end of July, family members said.
pennlive.comSep 12

California Parents Die of COVID Two Weeks Apart, Leaving 5 Children, Including Newborn

Daniel Macias, 39, allegedly urged his family members to get the COVID vaccine right before being intubated in the ICU.
thedailybeast.comSep 12

California parents of 5 children die of COVID-19 weeks apart

The husband of a Southern California nurse who died of complications from COVID-19 more than two weeks ago has died after battling the disease himself, leaving behind five young children including …
kron4.comSep 12

Solemn remembrances, BBQ lunches and last-ditch pleas on recall campaign's final weekend

On the final weekend of campaigning before Tuesday's recall election, California gubernatorial candidates leaned into their efforts, making multiple stops in a last-minute effort to get out the vote.
latimes.comSep 11

Trustees Approve Revised Budget Due to Students Leaving California

Assistant Superintendent E.J. Rossi then presented a four-year plan to incorporate an “Ethnic Studies” into the curriculum by 2024.
atascaderonews.comSep 11

What Is Larry Elder Running For?

The brief, strange political career of the man who leads the Republican pack in the California recall election.
theatlantic.comSep 11

Letter to the editor: Why people are leaving California

I have not heard the word "Deplorables" since Hillary Clinton train wrecked her election bid in 2016. Don't think for a minute Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton; she destroyed herself.
bakersfield.comSep 10

Recall Supporters in Rural California Express Fears of Mail-In Ballot 'Shenanigans'

For Republicans in some of California's reddest regions, there is both hope and skepticism in the effort to recall Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom.
sacramento.cbslocal.comSep 10

California's rural voters are both hopeful and skeptical about the recall - KVIA

By Dan Merica, Lucy Kafanov and Kim Berryman, CNN For Republicans in some of California’s reddest pockets, there is both hope and skepticism in the effort to recall Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom. Voters like Barbara Best, a Bakersfield native, know Republicans like her are outnumbered nearly 2 to 1 in the state, primarily by people
kvia.comSep 09