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New Study Shows Negative Toll Police Killings Has On Mental Health Of Black Americans

As the nation reacts to the conviction of Derek Chauvin, a new study from a group of U.S. researchers shows the significant negative toll police killings of Black Americans has on the mental health of other Black Americans.

In Minority Health Month, experts address state of Black community

About one in five Americans struggle with a mental illness

Discriminatory policies worsen Black sexual minority men's health - Futurity

Structural racism and anti-LGBTQ policies leads to worse health among Black sexual minority men, a new study shows.

Ask a Black therapist: 4 ways to support Black people's mental health

"There is a difference between being informed and getting retraumatized."

How racial violence affects Black Americans' mental health | The Source | Washington University in St. Louis

Black Americans experience an increase in poor mental health days during weeks when two or more incidents of anti-Black violence occur and when national interest surrounding the events is higher, according to new research involving a researcher at Washington University in St. Louis.