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Black pharmacy students at U of A dispelling myths about darker skin through pop-up clinic | CBC News

The Black Pharmacy Students' Association from the University of Alberta is hosting an event to shed light on how dermatological conditions display on skin of colour. The group organized a pop-up clinic on Saturday, March 25, to help people of colour identify and manage common conditions.

Health, Hope & Happiness - The Black Woman Experience

A FOX 5 NY special program takes a look at the maternal health crisis facing black women nationwide.

Eye surgery: Less successful outcome for Black, Hispanic patients

Researchers say Black and Hispanic people have less successful outcomes after retinal detachment eye surgery, although the reasons why aren't entirely clear

Black Health 365: Our HIV Problem

The Black Health 365 podcast dives into the current HIV/AIDS crisis within the Black community, particularly in the South.

Report: 25% of Black people avoid health care, fearing unfair treatment

More than 3,000 participated in the study, which also found that a third who said they would see the doctor would change certain behaviors to get adequate care.