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Black women die at alarming rate from uterine cancer

Black women had more than twice the rate of deaths from uterine cancer when compared to other racial and ethnic groups according to a recent American Medical Association (AMA) study.

Abortion ban makes matters worse for Black maternal health in Wisconsin, pregnancy specialists say

Health care specialists say Black people who already face the country's worst maternal health need even more help now, but there are no new services.

Black health 'a life-and-death matter,' says creator of new master's program at U of T | CBC News

Advocates say the launch of a new master's program in Black health at the University of Toronto is an exciting step in the right direction to making health care accessible and equitable for Black communities, but it must continue with the creation of similar projects locally and abroad.

This clinical trial wanted to end breast cancer disparities. But first it needed to enroll Black women

Ensuring that trial participants come from diverse backgrounds will mean that the next generation of screening — personalized screening — might have a shot at helping people regardless of their ancestry.

Juneteenth, buying Black, and mental health stigma in the Black community

REVOLT collaborated with VICE News on the latest episode of “REVOLT BLACK NEWS Weekly" to celebrate the Juneteenth holiday, discuss Black business, and more.