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Ohio lawmaker who questioned the COVID-19 hygiene of Black Americans now leads legislative health committee

"Could it just be that African Americans – or the colored population — do not wash their hands as well as other groups?," Huffman asked last year.

How Black barbers have become mental health advocates for African American men

Ray Connor traces his ambition to be a barber back to when he was a kid in Detroit. Growing up, he was abused. He watched his mother battle drug and alcohol addictions. He often went to bed hungry. When he needed to get away, he went down to A Cut Above Barber Shop on Eight Mile Road for a fresh cut and some companionship from his barber, Jessie. The relationship carried him through some of the darkest days of his life.

Black People Will Accept Covid-19 Vaccines But Crave Trusted Health Information

Despite continued media coverage of vaccine hesitancy in the Black community, many Black people are actively seeking the Covid-19 vaccination or are willing to accept it once available.

Legislator Who Questioned Black Hygiene to Lead Health Panel

A Republican lawmaker and doctor who questioned whether members of “the colored population” were disproportionately contracting the coronavirus because of their hygiene is drawing new c…

Black doctors' group takes aim at Covid-19 vaccine hesitancy

A professional society of African American doctors is trying to learn about communities' concerns — and address them.