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F2 Group CEO Caught On Video Racially Profiling Black Entrepreneurs, Calls Property Manager, Loses Lease

The CEO of F2 Group was caught on video racially profiling Black entrepreneurs in the gym of the building where they rent space. The venture capitalist lost his lease. Images: Instagram video A Minneapolis venture capitalist

This Woman Created A 24-Hour Movie Channel For Black Stories

Deshuna Spencer is the founder of KweliTV, a streaming platform dedicated to curating black stories from around the world.

Iconic Entertainer and Entrepreneur, Ice Cube, Speaks to the Black Press of America - Nashville PRIDE, Inc.

“The NNPA is pleased excited to do this live stream with our Brother Leader Ice Cube on behalf of the Black Press of America,” said Benjamin F. Chavis, Jr., NNPA president and CEO. “Cube continues to spit truth to power in his lyrics, videos, music and the genius of his creative talent and high energy. In addition to learning more about his latest project, our discussion is especially important in light of the devastating COVID-19 pandemic and the increased racial tension between African Americans and the police.”

Video Shows Man Calling Police on Black Men Using Shared Office Gym (UPDATE)

A venture capitialist in Minneapolis is being accused of racially profiling a group of black men at a shared office space, after video emerged online.

This Black Entrepreneur is a Court-Approved Mediator That Helps Settle Disputes Out of Court

While working online is new to many professions, it is the norm for Quornesha S. Lemon, owner of SaQred Dispute Resolutions. She is a court-approved mediator that helps her clients settle their