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Why Eritrea’s Isaias Afwerki, the tactical authoritarian, might be president for life

Isaias has not survived by brute force alone. Sections of the community still revere him as the leader who brought about independence.

Canadian miner Nevsun Resources settles with African workers over case alleging human-rights abuses

Earlier in the year, the Supreme Court ruled Nevsun could be sued in Canada over alleged infractions abroad

First analysis of African autism cohort reveals millions of new variants | Spectrum | Autism Research News

Genome sequences from a research cohort of autistic African children and their families have revealed more than 4 million novel variants, some of which occur in genes not previously linked to the condition.

Eritrea Busses Thousands of Students to Military Camp

Videos and photographs circulating on social media earlier this week showed buses in Eritrea’s capital, Asmara, crowded with students, who were not wearing masks, as they were separated from their families and sent off to a military training camp in the country’s west.

Understanding Indian ties with Horn of Africa countries

On October 24, the Indian Naval Ship (INS) Airavat left the port of Mumbai carrying much-needed food assistance for four countries (Sudan, South Sudan, Djibouti, and Eritrea) located in the Horn of

Ethiopian Orthodox Church almost ready to build | The Globe

WORTHINGTON — Nearing the conclusion of a five-year process, local members of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church are almost ready to begin construction on their planned church building near Minnesota 60.

Cookbooks Help Me Escape These Days

Samin Nosrat on the histories, perspectives and dishes she has learned, including shiro, a silky, spicy stew from Eritrea.

New MP Ibrahim Omer's election highlights the challenges refugees from Africa face in NZ

ANALYSIS: As the country's first ever African MP, and only the second refugee to win a seat, Ibrahim Omer is ideally placed to tackle the big problems facing immigrant communities.