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Scientists say a new ocean will form in Africa as the continent continues to split into two

Researchers' new insight into the splitting process of the East Africa Rift systems show where an ocean will likely be formed if the continent's split continues.

With COVID-19 Threat, Eritrea Should Release Political Detainees

Ciham Ali turns 23 today, the eighth year in a row she will be spending her birthday behind bars in an Eritrea prison. She has been held there incommunicado since the age of 15.

Current Food Prices in Eritrea

A certain Seble Efrem, a government supporter, who lives between London and Asmara posted an interesting message in the twitter world of late. She wrote, ‘My Saturday grocery bag contained the fres...

Eritrea: Schools unprepared to battle the new realities of COVID-19.

The pandemic in itself is a huge challenge. In lieu of this crisis, Eritrean youth are being sent to schools that are unprepared to battle the new realities of COVID-19. The pandemic in itsel...

Eritrea: Financial Support to Disadvantaged Families

Residents of Edaga-Hamus, Serejaka, Berik and Gala Nefhi sub zones, Central Region, extended financial support to disadvantaged families in their areas.

Is Eritrea Exploiting the Pandemic?

AIM contacted a few households in Asmara if they are receiving any assistance from the government while they are under lockdown.  The responses were negative.  To gain insight into how the Er...

Ethiopia: Unaccompanied Eritrean Children at Risk

The Ethiopian government’s changes to asylum procedures for Eritreans undermines their access to asylum and denies unaccompanied children necessary protection.

Stephens: Potential Biden VP Susan Rice was a diplomatic disaster

She has been a sycophant with despots. She has been inept in her diplomacy. She has played politics with human rights.

Eritrea: Lack of Rights Reforms Highlight Ongoing Need for Mandate Renewal

We welcome the report by the Special Rapporteur and her ongoing efforts to shine light on the dire rights situation in Eritrea despite many challenges.

State of democracy in Africa: changing leaders doesn’t change politics

The gap between the continent’s most democratic and authoritarian regions is likely to continue to grow.