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Public approval is Ramaphosa's only defence against his enemies in the ANC

Ramaphosa’s detractors are unlikely to succeed in their rumoured bid. And, their failure will not be because they’ve suddenly become weak within the administration.

When a company falls out with its CEO: lessons from South Africa's Old Mutual

The publicity given to the Moyo saga has brought to the forefront some important lessons that should be noted by company directors.

The digital economy is becoming ordinary. Best we understand it

The digital economy will, soon, become the ordinary economy as the uptake - and application - of digital technologies in every sector in the world grows.

I asked Tanzanians about studying in China: here's what they said

Over the past 30 years China has turned into a major study-abroad hotspot for thousands of African students.

How to fix the gap between school and work in South Africa

There are a few things South Africa needs to do to close the gap between what the education system produces and what the job market needs.