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We analysed media reports on rape cases in Nigeria. What we found

In our media analysis, we found that rapists were mainly people the victims knew.

Young South Africans are shut out from work: they need a chance to get digital skills

The high cost of data and inadequate digital skills prevent young people from accessing job opportunities.

Sudan's political change gives hope for young women and girls. Here's why

Political change could open up civil spaces and support the voices of young women and girls who do not want to be cut.

Pasha 76: Taking a look at an intensive care unit during the COVID-19 pandemic

Studies like this are important because they help gather data from an African perspective.

COVID-19 disruption could be a chance to lay a firmer school maths foundation in South Africa

Long breaks from school lead to learning loss, with maths scores being particularly badly affected - but a return to core concepts could be the answer to a pre-pandemic problem.