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Word of the Week 26.06.2021 - Kinabalu International School

We have had ‘multitudinous’ words submitted this week from our ‘ebullient’ students, who are all clearly full of ‘zeal’ and ‘vivacity’. It has been a joy to see such a range of ‘whimsical’ and ‘innovative’ vocabulary; you are clearly ‘enraptured’ and ‘enthralled’ by the books you are ‘immersing’ yourselves in.   The winner this week […] 25

Word of the Week 19.06.2021 - Kinabalu International School

In the weird and wonderful words of Dr Seuss: ‘The more that you read, the more things you will know, the more you will learn, the more places you’ll go!’ There were a myriad of ambitious and unusual words submitted this week, which truly impressed the English Department and your form tutors. I am sure […] 18

Word of the Week 12.06.2021 - Kinabalu International School

Both the English Department and form tutors have been exceedingly impressed this week with our students’ ability to fight through their ‘clinomania’ and ‘malaise’ to offer us a veritable ‘tittynope’ of tasty word treats.  We’ve had such a ‘sesquipedalian’ torrent of terms of unusual ‘parlance’ that ‘arbitration’ has been quite a ‘discombobulating’ process. However, while […] 11