Awate - News Update on Eritrea -
Awate - News Update on Eritrea

Eritrean Refugees at Risk as Connection to Tigray Is Blocked -

News coming from Ethiopia indicate that communications to Tigray was blocked since yesterday evening. It’s unclear whether the disconnection is due to technical problems and temporary, or a security and political decision. Until today, only the western part of Tigrai has telephone connections through the Amhara region. Recently, the Ethiopian official media appealed to social …

Ethiopian Northern Command Troops Were Asleep -

I am not  sure who the president of Sudan was then, but I think it was Ismaiel AlAzhari when a propaganda war followed the 1967 Arab-Israel war. Soon a joke circulated quoting claiming the Israeli Defense Minister, Moshe Dayan, said, ‘we can occupy Sudan while the people are eating their breakfast.’ The Sudanese are known …
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The Horn of Africa: From Unitarianism to Medemerism -

Sifting through endless mazes of social media outlets to find a discourse that engages one’s intellectual faculty requires ample patience and restraints of the highest order. The attendant subject matter, namely, The Horn of Africa, is no exception in that it has proliferated in magnitude, in volume, proportional to the virtual world at large. When …
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Eritrea: A Classic African dictator took over (Book Review) -

Book Reviewer: Chefena Hailemariam Bjork, Christina. 2019. Eritrea: A Classic African dictator took over. Themes, Stockholm. ISBN 978-91-985588-0-7 Christina Bjork’s book which made its debut in 2019 is about the history of modern Eritrea with a focus on the armed struggle. Her book comprises of twelve sections of personal narratives drawn from her in depth …
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Abyssinians And Arabs Have Similar Traits -

Happy New Year, Aamkum Mubarek, RHuus Haddish Aamet, Bekitet Haddas Senet lideyya, Feliches neues Jahr, Feliz Agno Nuevo, Felice Anno Nuovo, Bonne Annee, Melkam Addis Aamet The following are today’s topics of Negarit 114: 1. The Arab and Abyssinian counting of time is similar, and the origin of Gregorian calendar. 2. A popular saying, if …
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