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72% of children in Japan feel stress over coronavirus pandemic: poll

More than 70 percent of schoolchildren in Japan feel stress as a result of the spread of the novel coronavirus, according to a survey by a state-run medical institute

Coronavirus outbreak latest: Sept. 26, 2020

Here are the latest updates from Kyodo News in Japan on Sept. 25, 2020, as the coronavirus pandemic continues around the world.

What Is The Death Rate For Covid-19 Coronavirus? What This Study Found

The study calculated the infection fatality rate (IFR) for different age groups, sexes, and races in Indiana.

Coronavirus Survey Halted After Workers Faced Racial Slurs, Officials Say

Workers were followed, videotaped and threatened in confrontations across Minnesota, the state Department of Health said.

Hawaiian Airlines to offer coronavirus tests for passengers

Beginning in mid-October, the airline will offer drive-through covid-19 testing to its customers in Los Angeles and San Francisco.