COVID-19 assistance groups turning attention to teachers as school year remains uncertain

Since the end of March, different groups on Facebook came together to help during the pandemic. With the school year looming, those groups are focusing on teachers.

According to New Survey, 1 in 3 Adults in the United States Use Disinfectants the Wrong Way

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, it seems as if adults across the country have taken a newfound interest in making sure everything is clean and sanitized, which is good; however, it turns out theres a decent portion of folks who are just not doing it the right way.

Dry heat #decontamination generated by an electric cooker (e.g., rice cookers, instant pots, and ovens) could be an effective and accessible decontamination method for the safe reuse of #N95 #respirators, finds a new study (15 July 2020). The study recomm…

97,000 children reportedly test positive for coronavirus in two weeks as schools gear up for instruction

Experts hope increased testing of children will help determine what role they play in transmission, as school districts around the country return to some form of school.

Indonesia COVID-19 cases rise by 1,893, deaths by 65: official data

Indonesia reported 1,893 more novel coronavirus infections on Sunday, taking the total tally to 125,396 infections, the country's COVID-19 taskforce website showed.

TheBus operator tests positive for COVID-19

HONOLULU (KHON2) — A TheBus operator has tested positive for coronavirus, Oʻahu Transit Services, Inc. (OTS), operator of TheBus and TheHandi-Van confirmed today. On Saturday, (8/8/2020), the…

Every #HCW needs stringent personal #decontamination protocols for leaving #work and arriving back #home and very minimal clothing/ accessories & good spray bottle disinfectants for shoes, keys etc. Pls watch my video on making up disinfectant solutions.

To all #HCW please make sure you do the following (apart from #fittestedPPE): 1. Betadine/saline nasal spray both nares tds 2. Betadine throat gargle before & after shifts & within a long shift 3. Take Vitamin C,D & Zn Watch @SandhyaRamanat1 NZ GP