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Envisaging the year 1 million: cyborgs vs 'holdout humans' ?

The University of Oxford's Anders Sandberg looks at what might happen if our species survives for another one million years.

Mystery surrounds spate of unexplained cattle deaths in Colorado

Officials have struggled to come up with an explanation for the deaths of at least 40 cows over the last two months.

Scientists simulate a wormhole and send a message through it

Using quantum computers, the researchers simulated a working 'baby' wormhole without rupturing space and time.

Ancient human skull found in China could belong to Homo erectus

Dating back one million years, the remarkably intact skull has been hailed as an important find by palaeoanthropologists.

Robbie Williams considered career as UFO hunter after seeing one himself

The pop star, who rose to fame as part of boy band 'Take That', has long held a keen interest in UFOs and the unexplained.