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Eritrean president meets Sudan leaders over border dispute

Eritrea is seeking to defuse allegations that it has aided Ethiopia in its border dispute with Sudan,

Eritrea President visits Khartoum amid Sudan-Ethiopia border tensions

Ethiopia - Eritrea, Sudan leaders discuss cooperation, ways to develop ties between two countries

Eritrea: 'When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Get Going'

Interview - Covid-19 has been dreadful for everyone throughout the world. Many people have become victims of the pandemic, especially when it first broke out, because of lack of information and prevention. To complement what media outlets have been doing to inform people about the pandemic, two Eritrean programmers, Tesfalem Belay and Engineer Ebtsam Hussien, came up with a mobile application. They are a team of like-minded people with specialization in Information and Communication Technology (ICT). Tesfalem, who stu

Eritrea: Communications Service - Way Forward From Microwave to Broadband

Opinion - When Eritrea was liberated in 1991, it faced serious deficit in the provision of both local and international telecommunications services as the sector was in poor state under the Ethiopian rule. The Government of Eritrea acted fast to ensure the installation of microwave, and over the years has done extensive work in the development of telecommunications services.

Eritrea: Ensuring Accountable Institutional Management

Conflict of interest arises when capable rich people start to establish institutions that multiply their capital and have to hire employees to oversee matters they may not be able to tend to. In such cases, there needs to be check and balance so that neither side is at a disadvantage. Auditing is the right practice to settle such clashes.

Reports: Eritrea president visits Sudan to mediate on Ethiopia dam

Eritrean President Isaias Afwerki yesterday arrived in the Sudanese capital, Khartoum, for fresh mediation efforts aimed at resolving the Ethiopian Renaissance Dam, local media reported. [caption i...

Coronavirus - Eritrea: Announcement from the Ministry of Health (4 May 2021)

Eight patients have been diagnosed positive for COVID-19 in tests carried out today at Quarantine Centers in Om-Hajer (5), and Ali Ghidir (1), in Gash Barka

Eritrea’s Isaias meets Sudanese leaders amid Ethiopia tensions

Khartoum visit by Eritrean leader comes amid strained relations between government of Ethiopia, a close ally, and Sudan.

FRONTLINE: Escaping Eritrea

An unprecedented undercover investigation into one of the world’s most repressive regimes. Exclusive secret footage and testimony shed new light on shocking allegations of torture, arbitrary detention and indefinite forced conscription.

Ethiopia ‘At a Crossroads’ Amid Spiraling Ethnic Conflict

Ethiopia, Africa’s second-most populous country, faces a crisis of ethnic nationalism that some fear could tear it apart.

This Man Risked His Life to Secretly Film in an Eritrean Prison

A refugee speaks out and shares his secret footage in ‘Escaping Eritrea,’ a five-years-in-the-making documentary investigating one of the world’s most repressive regimes.

‘Escaping Eritrea’ Filmmaker Evan Williams Describes ‘Phenomenal

'Escaping Eritrea' producer Evan Williams set out to learn what was driving so many Eritreans from their homeland. He found answers — as well as people trying to smuggle secret footage out of

500,000 Refugees, ‘Slavery-like’ Compulsory Service, No National

From compulsory conscription to the mass exodus of refugees, here is an introduction to five of Eritrea’s biggest human rights crises.

Tigray war rips thousands of kids from parents

ADDIS ABABA: Ethiopia’s Tigray war has separated thousands of children from their parents, and many now face “dire” and dangerous [...]

Eritrea's president visits Sudan amid tensions over Ethiopia

Eritrea's president arrived in Khartoum on Tuesday for talks with Sudanese officials amid tensions over a longtime border dispute between Sudan and Ethiopia.

Eritrea’s president visits Sudan amid tensions over Ethiopia

Eritrea’s president has arrived in Khartoum for talks with Sudanese officials amid tensions over a longtime border dispute between Sudan and Ethiopia