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Qohaito_eritrea: Say hello and if we die it’s for our freedom 😢. The legend Mahmud Kahano E.L.F Saho song. This was performed in Sudan. You truly had an amazing voice and your words were poetic! Eritrea🇪🇷 🕌⛪️. Full video can be found in the next post below


SamuelTsegai1: For 76 days and counting #Eritrean refugees in Shimelba and Hitsats have been living without basic necessities, such food, water and health care. They have also been subjected to killings, abductions, and forced return to Eritrea.


Martinj64607308: European Union directly accuses Eritrean troops of fighting in Tigray War


Yohannes_v: The man made humanitarian crisis in #Tigray caused from the Eritrea backed Ethiopia Coalitions aggression has caused catastrophic losses to the Tigrayan ppl in life & infrastructure. 75Days & counting, & yet still not enough action has been taken. #BidenTakeAction #TigrayGenocide


Qohaito_eritrea: I love the chorus sung by the girls on this track. Hearing it live would actually be amazing! The legend Mahmoud Kahano ( Saho - sub clan - taroa) regarded as a legend when it came to music and was important figure in ELF. via @YouTube