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Opinion | How a Canadian court case can influence international human rights law

The Nevsun case can help individuals residing in legally weak countries gain justice against foreign-owned corporations.
May 18

Galiano Gold Reports Q1 2020 Results

/PRNewswire/ - Galiano Gold Inc. ("Galiano" or the "Company") (TSX, NYSE American: GAU) (formerly Asanko Gold Inc.) reports first quarter ("Q1") 2020 operating...
May 07

Great Power Competition And The Scramble For Africa – Analysis

By Dylan Yachyshen* (FPRI) — From November 1884 to February 1885, German Chancellor Otto von Bismarck convened 13 European powers and the United States to coordinate “commercial activity” in …
May 05

Equatorial Guinea: the first wave of modern mineral exploration

What is Equatorial Guinea’s mineral potential, and could corruption and human rights violations stand in the way of building a mining industry?
Apr 21

Cancel culture: is Canada turning away from mining?

As the Canadian mining industry struggles domestically and internationally, JP Casey wonders if the country is turning away from mining.
Apr 17