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Masks, Theater, and the New Awareness Ribbons

Awareness ribbons are popular fashion accessories among the elite, particularly Hollywood celebrities. They are meant to show support or raise awareness for a particular cause. These ribbons are not a modern invention for they date back to the Mid...
rss.appMay 24

No Race Has Ever Done More for Another Race than White Americans Have Done for Black Americans

In the last twelve months we have been ceaselessly bombarded by claims that America is a racist society in which Black people are oppressed by White people. This is a truly astonishing claim because nothing could be further from the truth. You ...
rss.appMay 24

Time for a National Freedom from Fauci Day

I love giving lectures to university students. I also love asking them this question:
rss.appMay 24

Ban on Fossil Fuel Funding Threatens Africa's Future

Green propaganda, based on unfounded fears of climate doomsday, is beginning to threaten Africa's ambition for developing a reliable and affordable energy sector. Christians concerned about the world's poor should take notice. ...
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Where to Get the Vaccine against Left-Wing Anti-Semitism?

President Trump was expelled from Twitter and Facebook. However, the head of Hamas, the head of the Palestinian Terrorist Authority, and the president of Iran were not denied use. They still publicly express their hatred of both...
rss.appMay 24