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Can’t Stand Cant

I can’t stand any more cant -- the hypocritical, sanctimonious blather so common  to our public and private educational institutions, the media, politicians, interest groups and corporations. Neither can more and more people -- and th...

How Wokery Dominates Society

We live in a continually changing world, with new concepts and ways of developing practical arguments and evaluating moral truths on race, sex, and sexual issues.  Today, those ways are seen through the prism of racial justice, emphasized i...

Russians Say COVID Came from an American Lab in China. Is It True?

Burning questions remain regarding the COVID epidemic.  Where did it come from?  How did it spread?  Who is responsible?  The key question is whether we are dealing with the release, accidental or not, of a lab...

Russia and the New Middle East: New initiatives and Prospects

Part I: focused on the background to USSR /Israel relations til the fall of the Iron Curtain. Part II: reviewed the Russian courtship of Israel during the first two decades of this century. Part III: Russia’s Predicaments both foreign and...

A Place of Honor in Every Black Home

Ida B. Wells, born into slavery in 1862 and orphaned at 16, rose to fame as a journalist by shining light on things we didn't want to see — in particular, the horror of lynching.  Five thousand Americans were lynched over 90 years...