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Temp mail - keep your privacy

Is it safe to use a disposable email service?
You may have heard that you shouldn’t use disposable email services like Gmail.
Here’s a quick tip to keep your privacy and avoid spammers: It’s easy to create a temporary email address, and if you need one, or if you want to be able to receive emails from anyone anonymously, it’s often a good idea just to do so.
Temporary mail is a feature that allows users to receive messages from anyone on your list in an entirely anonymous way and without having to relaunch the app each time you want to receive something.
What is a temporary disposable email service?
Why using a temp mail service is a great way to avoid spam.
They’re fast, cheap, and reliable, so there’s no excuse to avoid them if a situation calls for it.

Temp mail - keep your privacy

Jul 23
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Jul 16

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