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No idea what happened. I plugged the Noctuas into the exact same header coming off the exact same cable from the GPU that the stock fans were connected to. Hit the power button, powered on for a split second before turning off again. No signs of life since. I'm well and truly stumped. Oh and mentally hanging on by a thread in case it need be said.17 votes and 39 comments so far on Reddit
r/stlouisblues - [GDT] Game 73: Blues @ Kings - 26-Mar-2023 (09:30 PM)
St. Louis Blues 33-33-6 @ Los Angeles Kings 42-20-10 Location: Arena, Los Angeles Broadcast: BSW, BSMW | Radio Time: Central: 09:30 PM LINE INFO Preview Gamecenter Blues Roster Kings Roster GAME NOTES INJURIES: Blues: Kings: Please ensure you're following the subreddit rules when participating in the GDT GO BLUES! | Last updated by:45 votes and 413 comments so far on Reddit
I am a 29 year old software engineer. I started gaming since I was child and basically never stopped. In my university years, I focused on strategy games only. I ultimately got bored of them, the last being civilization 5. Towards the end of university, I discovered a game that would ultimately make me hate gaming, a game I regret spending 3 years on in total addiction : League of Legends, my most disliked game ever. Deep into my addiction, I decided to cure it with any new game, preferably a singleplayer game. But no game gave me enough of a challenge and dopamine rush like that shitty game. It was all until I discovered my first Fromsoftware game: Sekiro Shadows Die Twice. As someone who enjoys difficulty, I persisted on a game that felt impossible in the beginning. And when it clicked, I started feeling my addiction to the other shitty game fading away, little by little. I finished Sekiro with two things in mind: Single player games arent all pieces of crap. This game has the best combat system I ever saw in a video game. I then started DS3. I was amazed by everything, thought the Abyss Watchers was an absolute masterpiece of boss fight. My love to souls games grew even stronger. Midgame into DS3, Elden Ring got released. I was on the hype train of that game many months before release, and when it did, I found myself playing my best game of all time. Now I am 400 hours on the game, and I can never spend a week without revisiting at least once. I plan on going back to DS3. I already played Bloodborne early game and decided to wait for a PC port (maybe) to get the best of it. I loved the formula so much I started looking into any good soulslikes. Now I am almost at the end game of Hollow Knight. All this to say one thing : thank you Fromsoftware for saving me from pointless endless intentionally addictive online games, while providing the highest quality of games as an alternative. Thanks for making me accept failure, more than those games that made me rage on failure, insult my team and blame everything except myself. Thank you Fromsoftware, as I am looking forward to Armored Core 6, Elden Ring DLC and that "unannounced project"71 votes and 26 comments so far on Reddit

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