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When intercourse is painful, it is called dyspareunia. Whether superficial or deep, these pains can be explained by physical as well as psychological factors.
9 months ago
Erik Remès publishes « The 21st sex“, Raw, pornographic and political work. Thus promises this novel: "a political work which stains the sheets well, because
9 months ago
Si tu t'intéresses à tout ce qui relève du bien-être et des techniques alternatives loin du courant dominant, tu as sûrement entendu parler de goop -
9 months ago
SEXUALITY - Delaying the arrival of an orgasm, the idea may seem surprising. And yet, it would have proven its worth across the Atlantic. Theorized by several
9 months ago
How to get along in privacy when one likes furtive hugs and the other swears by lovemaking that lasts all night? And besides, is it really better when sex
9 months ago