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Remembering and honoring Martin Luther King this week has me thinking once again about being a voice.  It’s hard not to get inspired listening to the iconic words of the famous I Have a Dream speech (if you’ve never listened to the entire speech, it’s worth the listen — and it’s shorter than most people realize).  […] The post Hiring a Consultant for Your Pasadena Business appeared first on Sandra Tapia, CPA, PLLC.
Jan 28
How is your year starting out? We’re into week 2 of 2023 … would love to hear back from you on what are the challenges you’re facing in your Pasadena business finances right now. Relatedly, what are your customer service goals for this year? One customer relations tool that seems outdated (but is still very […] The post Mastering Your Pasadena Business Phone Answering appeared first on Sandra Tapia, CPA, PLLC.
Jan 20
First of all, congratulations on making it through 2022. Pat on the back for sticking with it through the very real ups and the challenging lows. Many of our Pasadena clients went through the wringer … others had their best year yet. From a personal standpoint, I think we’re all pretty glad to see it […] The post Accepting Crypto Payments in Your Pasadena Business appeared first on Sandra Tapia, CPA, PLLC.
Jan 14
I don’t know about you, but after the holidays (and I hope yours were filled with good things and happy times with loved ones), I’m always a bit tapped out on the spending.  But in true governmental fashion, Uncle Sam is piling it on. Seems like Congress missed the post-holiday “no spending” cue. One little […] The post Federal Spending Impact on Pasadena Businesses appeared first on Sandra Tapia, CPA, PLLC.
Jan 07
The 2022 clock is almost at midnight. An end to a still somewhat crazy year — “the crazy” seems like our new normal, post-2020, am I right? There were a lot of challenges this year and they were … exhausting. Keeping up with the changes and adjusting to the economic pressures… well, these things can […] The post Succession Planning Strategy For Pasadena Business Owners appeared first on Sandra Tapia, CPA, PLLC.
Dec 30