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Jocelyn Glei

icon Jocelyn Glei

Jocelyn Glei is a newsletter that features inspiration, ideas, and curated content highlights. The creators of the newsletter send it out twice a month.

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The Sunday Letters

icon The Sunday Letters

“Sunday Letters” Newsletter is one of a kind. It brings about a compilation of letters put together by the world-famous writer Jane Marie.

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Think Clearly

icon Think Clearly

Meditations and reflections on life, work, and marketing as a whole is what makes up the theme of Think Clearly. This is a newsletter that also features a Danish cartoonist's relative illustrations to their written content.

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The Ann Friedman Weekly

icon The Ann Friedman Weekly

Content writer and author, Ann Friedman, brings you the latest weekly newsletter title under her name. Ann Friedman's weekly edition brings about a host of exciting tidbits of information, gifs, writings, and a lot more from all around the internet world every week.

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Creative Caffeine

icon Creative Caffeine

Creative Caffeine is an email newsletter that features people's thoughts, musings, and other inspirational content for its readers.

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