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Bing Feed Generator

How to Create Bing News RSS feeds

Add Bing news to your website and keep your users informed of the latest content. As the second largest news provider on the web, Bing supplies a variety of categories to choose from, making content generation super easy and quick.

Generate Yahoo News RSS Feeds

How to Create Yahoo News RSS Feeds

Yahoo is a great way to get news right to your inbox, but it is also a great way to share content with users on your website or blog. Simplify the process of creating RSS feeds with our streamlined approach.

YouTube Playlist RSS Feed

How to Embed YouTube Playlists on Your Website or Blog

YouTube has more than 1.3 billion users, and over 1 billion hours of video is watched daily! YouTube is the best way to get information out there for people to watch. Embedding YouTube RSS feeds gets your users content almost instantaneously.

Embed RSS Feeds

New feature: Now you can embed RSS feeds on your website!

New feature: embedding RSS feeds to websites and blogs. With this new feature, users can now embed news and social media feeds on their websites and blogs.

RSS Feeds

How to Integrate RSS with Slack to Monitor News and Social Media

Integrating RSS with Slack can increase teams’ productivity by simply monitoring content from around the web and social media.

Generate Google News RSS feeds

Generate Google News RSS feeds gives you the ability to generate RSS Feeds from Google News. Follow the steps in this blog post on how to achieve this.

How to create Instagram RSS Feeds

How to create Instagram RSS Feeds

Create Instagram RSS Feeds from any public Instagram feed or hashtag with feed generator. Monitor the feeds with any RSS reader or import them into your own app

How to create RSS Feeds from Twitter

How to create RSS Feeds from Twitter allows users to create RSS feeds from any public Twitter user feed, hashtag, at mention or search, as well as feeds of their own Twitter timelines without writing a single line of code.

How to create RSS Feeds from any webpage

As someone who loves RSS and follows the current trends I have noticed that every few weeks an article is written about whether or not RSS is dead. I can tell you a secret...