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Why RSS List Widget?

The easiest way to add dynamic content to your website and engage with your users

  • Targeted Content

    Targeted Content

    Display targeted content to your audience

  • Increase Sales

    Increase Sales

    Convert visitors to buying customers

  • Boost SEO

    Boost SEO

    Drive more visitors from search engine

Top features for your List Widget

  • Easily



    Our state of the art interactive console will give you the control to fully customize your list widget so you can create a unique style for your website

  • Filters &

    Filters &


    Powerfull filters that allow you to easily create quality targeted content. Use the filters to auto-hide posts by Whitelist or Blacklists keywords as well as replace

  • Dynamically


    updated content

    Your list widget will automatically update when new posts are published without any effort. We take care of updating the content and deliver it to your website

  • Responsive


    by design

    With mobile-first design in mind, your list widget will look good on any device. The list widget automatically adapts to the size of the screen

  • No coding

    No coding


    Upgrade your website effortlessly without any coding. Add our generated code snippet to your page and voila

  • Add List Widget Widget

3 Steps to Get Your List Widget

Generate Feed

Generate Feed


Generate a feed from almost any website






Preview and customize your List Widget to suit your style

Add to Website

Add to Website


Embed the List Widget by adding the code snippet

The Future of Your List Widget

  • Feed Aggregation

    Feed Aggregation

    Aggregate multiple feeds in one widget using bundles and collections

  • Style Options

    Style Options

    Fully customize your widget to match your website design

  • Easy Setup

    Easy Setup

    The simple and intuitive interface allows for easy set up without any coding

  • Large Images

    Large Images

    Showcase the trendiest content with large images and lazy loading

  • Pagination


    Built-in pagination with an option for loading more content as needed

  • Beautiful Presets

    Beautiful Presets

    Choose the perfect style from our beautiful presets or create your own

Why RSS.app Is the Best Choice

  • Bundle Feeds

    Bundle Feeds

    Use bundles to combine multiple feeds into your List Widget. The aggregated content can be sorted by published date or showcased by random order

  • Advanced Filters

    Advanced Filters

    Filters will allow you to curate posts by whitelist or blacklist keywords so you can show only the relevant content to your audience

  • Responsive Widgets

    Responsive Widgets

    Our responsive grid was designed with mobile first in-mind. Your list widget will automatically adapt to your screen size on any device

We Are Here for You!

We Are Here for You!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I embed the List widget?

The List widget can be embedded by opening your feed and clicking on the Embed tab. Click on ‘Add To Website’ and copy the List code snippet and paste it to your website. The content of the widget will be updated automatically once new posts are published. Do you offer customizations ?

Do you offer customizations?

Definitely! Customize your widget any way you like. Change font color, text size and even the design of the cards. You can even change background color and choose to include or remove pictures from your list

Can I use multiple feeds in my List?

That’s a great question! We offer the ability to combine and aggregate multiple feeds by using bundles. The bundle will display the latest posts from multiple sources right in your List

Can posts be shared?

Yes! You can embed your list widget to your website and have your visitors share individual posts. Be sure to include social buttons when you customize your list widget.