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Gerard’s Smart Home Newsletter

Every Sunday morning I send out a weekly digest of curated smart home news stories and a smart home voice command of the week.

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Financial Independence News(letter)

icon Financial Independence News(letter)

Getting women financially independent and centering women in the FI conversation

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Vertical: News and Thoughts on Property Tech

icon Vertical: News and Thoughts on Property Tech

I write about the intersection of real estate and technology. I'm a venture capitalist and my views are my own.

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Cheap Property Europe

icon Cheap Property Europe

Looking for your next European dream home? Curious to see how much more you can get with your money? Or are you just a little obsessed with looking at cheap homes with more character than the cast of Looney Tunes?

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Real Estate

icon Real Estate

We power digital spaces for real estate organizations and provide stylish profile management for associations, brokerages, or teams of any size.

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