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Full-Time Maker

icon Full-Time Maker

I will serve as a guinea pig, sharing what I've learned in my approach to validating, building, and launching products. This is the messy behind the scenes, not a perfectly edited youtube tu

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The Slice

icon The Slice

A curated weekly email introducing founders to emerging tools and actionable content to grow your project.

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Finding Patterns in Chaos

icon Finding Patterns in Chaos

Every other Thursday morning, I send out links and commentary about how a product designer like yourself, an expert, or a newbie can improve their sense and understanding of the UX in general and be a solid architect for the design system and strategy.

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Ely Fornoville

icon Ely Fornoville

Follow my journey to a monthly recurring revenue (MRR)

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Product Lessons

icon Product Lessons

Actionable lessons to accelerate your career. Real examples of career strategy, interview prep, analytics and more. Join 7000+ people for free

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icon MicroSaasIdea

Newsletter for techies and marketers looking for their next micro saas idea. Weekly newsletter on profitable micro saas niches with data-backed analysis and a guide on how to implement each

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Delightful Products

icon Delightful Products

A monthly newsletter on product design and delight. Click to read Delightful Products, by Lucy Chen, a Substack publication with hundreds of readers.

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Space3ac Club

icon Space3ac Club

Join Space3ac Business Developent Club and become smarter in just a couple of minutes thanks to our weekly newsletter. We'll help you be more productive

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Everything in Moderation

icon Everything in Moderation

Everything in Moderation - A weekly newsletter about the policies, products, platforms and people shaping content moderation, now and in the future. ...

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Ross Chapman

icon Ross Chapman

Ross has helped over 150 teams build world-class digital products using Design Sprint frameworks, rapid prototyping and data-driven process. He's also a contributor to the Official Remote Design Sprint guide.

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Ideas to Makers

Product ideas for indie makers delivered to your inbox every week.

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icon JustAnotherPM

We create simple and practical guides on product management to help you accelerate your career as a product manager

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The Bootstrapped Founder by Arvid Kahl

You will learn about the most interesting conversations about self-funded businesses, see the successes (and failures) of your fellow indie hackers, and be introduced to new and eye-opening

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Materials Business

icon Materials Business

Editorials & latest news about Asset Integrity, Corrosion and Materials engineering

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Building Rome(s)

icon Building Rome(s)

This is not the PM newsletter you are looking for (🤖) but the one you need. Become a great Technical Program Manager (TPM) in under 500 words. New issue drops every Sunday with short, actionable, tried & tested advise on the art of TPM. Click to read Building Rome(s) - The Art of Technical Program Management, by Aadil Maan, a Substack publication with hundreds of readers.

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The Kaizen Newsletter

I share my thoughts, new ideas I learn, and make weird connections between self-improvement, productivity, product, tech, sports, anime. By Alex Hugh Sam.

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icon MicroQuiz

MicroQuiz is a weekly, one question survey for tech professionals in Product, Design and Analytics that subscribers can answer directly from their inbox. Subscribers are invited to submit

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Agile Product Development and Career Advice by Lutz Mueller

icon Agile Product Development and Career Advice by Lutz Mueller

Receive practical tips & tricks about Agile Product Development and Career Advice

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Product: Level Up

icon Product: Level Up

Level up your product skills over your morning coffee

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Product Disrupt

icon Product Disrupt

Disruptive stories, design inspiration, and more.

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Product Ideas

no-nonsense insights on product ideation, evaluation, and validation

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icon Productivize

Invest in learning the ins and outs of great products, exceptional champions, valuable gems on UI/UX, effective early adopter strategies, leveraging power users, and more.

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Deep in the trenches

Actionable tactics, tips and readings from early stage startups founders. Click to read Deep in the trenches, by Jonathan Parisot, a Substack publication with hundreds of readers.

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The Slipstream

icon The Slipstream

The easiest way to find the best knowledge on the internet

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