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The Weekly Human

icon The Weekly Human

Ramblings from a Hispanic woman in tech. I'd like to think you'll learn something new each letter. Click to read The Weekly Human, by Irma Mesa, a Substack publication. Launched 3 years ago.

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Not Pretty, Not Rich

icon Not Pretty, Not Rich

A newsletter about doing things the hard way. Click to read Not Pretty, Not Rich, by Sam Becker, a Substack publication with hundreds of readers.

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icon QPage

Top-rated all-in-one Recruiting platform that spots the right talent at scale faster and more accurately and autonomously.

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Micro Bytes

icon Micro Bytes

¿Aún luchas con Javascript y el desarrollo web?

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Quarantine 15

icon Quarantine 15

Welcome to Quarantine 15: a spot of joy in your inbox on work, life, and navigating the start of 2021. Why think about what you have to lose, rather than focusing on what you have to gain? B

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Browse and apply for fresh new Remote Jobs at over 1000+ companies. Apply at remote position for Engineer, Frontend/Backend Developer, Devops, Sales, Marketing, and Support. Work from home or any place around the world.

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Beyond 6 Seconds Insider

icon Beyond 6 Seconds Insider

Become a Beyond 6 Seconds Insider! Sign up to receive the free Beyond 6 Seconds newsletter and get early access to new episodes, which feature neurodivergent entrepreneurs, creators, advocates & more who are shattering misconceptions, breaking stigma and showcasing the vibrance and diversity of this community.

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The Worklist Digest

icon The Worklist Digest

Weekly digest of creative jobs opportunities offered remotely.

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icon JustAnotherPM

We create simple and practical guides on product management to help you accelerate your career as a product manager

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Building Rome(s)

icon Building Rome(s)

This is not the PM newsletter you are looking for (🤖) but the one you need. Become a great Technical Program Manager (TPM) in under 500 words. New issue drops every Sunday with short, actionable, tried & tested advise on the art of TPM. Click to read Building Rome(s) - The Art of Technical Program Management, by Aadil Maan, a Substack publication with hundreds of readers.

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Nomad Bird

icon Nomad Bird

The newsletter for Nomads and remote workers. Get news, insights, advice and much more.

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Agile Product Development and Career Advice by Lutz Mueller

icon Agile Product Development and Career Advice by Lutz Mueller

Receive practical tips & tricks about Agile Product Development and Career Advice

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The Fancy Comma Newsletter

icon The Fancy Comma Newsletter

Insights about freelancing, entrepreneurship, writing, and life; useful tidbits from around the web; and perspectives on science writing, including both marketing writing and science journalism. All in a monthly newsletter delivered to your inbox. Click to read The Fancy Comma, LLC Newsletter, a Substack publication. Launched a year ago.

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Steph Smith

icon Steph Smith

Remote work, continuous growth, and technology.

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The best job board to find the latest local, global and remote email marketing jobs. Compare all of the most recent email marketing and related jobs in various industries such as ecommerce, SaaS, Fashion, Travel and more. Whether you just started out or are an experienced emailgeek - the jobs you want, you will find here.

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Remote Leaf

icon Remote Leaf

Remote Leaf aggregates remote jobs in one organised place from hundreds of remote job boards, company career pages, linkedin, reddit, twitter, facebook groups and hacker news hiring.

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icon Remoteur

Remoteur - Remote jobs in Europe delivered to your inbox every two weeks, curated by @ailith. Discover 650+ EU friendly remote companies:

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Life Insider by Kretaro

Our mission is to inform and inspire - productivity, business, life lessons, and more. Click to read Life insider by Kretaro, a Substack publication with tens of thousands of readers.

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The best place to find work with games and real-time skills beyond entertainment

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Fundamental computing topics for developers

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Breaking Freelance

icon Breaking Freelance

Straightforward and no bullshit tips on improving your freelancing career through a weekly newsletter.

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Recruiting Brainfood

icon Recruiting Brainfood

Recruiting Brainfood - It's recruiting brainfood for the week ahead...

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Silicon Florist

icon Silicon Florist

Stories from the Portland startup community and beyond. Click to read Silicon Florist, by Rick Turoczy, a Substack publication with thousands of readers.

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Simple Ideas For An Extraordinary Life. Click to read Prometheus' Idealetter, by Kundan, a Substack publication. Launched a year ago.

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