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Climate Musings

icon Climate Musings

Pragmatically optimistic perspectives on all things Cleantech x Climate x Sustainability. Click to read Climate Musings for all Shapes & Sizes, by Keeton Ross, a Substack publication with hundreds of readers.

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Software Eats Money

icon Software Eats Money

I am an angel investor and entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience founding, funding, and leading venture funded startups.

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Baseball Card Market Report

icon Baseball Card Market Report

Updated market reports from around the hobby. Click to read Baseball Card Values Newsletter, by Baseball Briefs, a Substack publication with thousands of readers.

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icon FoundersGrid

Join 13,000+ startup founders, investors and entrepreneurs who receive a carefully hand-curated list of the best tech, startup and investing news every week.

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The Investing Desk

icon The Investing Desk

I'm Snir David. I'm an investor, writing stock research, investing thoughts, and youtube videos. I practice value investing with the frameworks created by Buffett, Munger, Lynch, Nick Sleep, and more. Putting business understanding and valuation first.

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Contrarian Thinking

icon Contrarian Thinking

Join 400k Contrarians on our free newsletter who learn the tactics and tools to achieve financial freedom.

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icon Sustayz

Making hospitality more sustainable / biweekly newsletter exploring the connection between sustainability, travel and tech. Click to read Sustayz, a Substack publication. Launched a year ago.

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Texas Squared

icon Texas Squared

The Texas-Squared Startup Newsletter ( is a weekly email digest that hand-selects relevant news to the Texas startup ecosystem. Launched in August of 2015, Texas-Squared comprehensively covers news, events, and opinions about startups across Texas. Consistently delivered at 8 am Central time every Sunday morning, Texas-Squared serves business leaders from the four corners of Texas from Amarillo (north) to Brownsville (south) to Beaumont (east) to El Paso (west) – with a concentration on the active startup communities of Austin, Dallas/Ft. Worth, Houston, and San Antonio.

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CB Insights

The CB Insights newsletter will help you track disruptive startups, emerging industries and their investors & acquirers. Sign up today.

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Enterprise Weekly

icon Enterprise Weekly

he Enterprise Weekly is our Work-Bench newsletter sent out every Friday, featuring the latest enterprise news and commentary, upcoming community events, recent fundings and exits, and much more. Below you'll find a complete archive of past issues.

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$urf Report

icon $urf Report

Weekly perspective on investing, brand building, and business strategy, paired with fresh insight so you can learn, grow, and profit. The goal is to transform the way you think about markets

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icon StrictlyVC

StrictlyVC’s free daily newsletter provides you with all the info you need to know about the VC scene in Silicon Valley and beyond

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Built in Idaho

icon Built in Idaho

Sign up with your email address. Membership is free, and community members receive newsletters with new initiatives, investments, deal flow activity, events, and business news in Idaho.

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Five Minute Finance

icon Five Minute Finance

The 5-minute newsletter on the important stuff in finance — explaining what's going on, and why.

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Road Work Ahead

icon Road Work Ahead

The world is changing, America is changing, and no one has time to keep up with the preposterous, predatory, and prolific amount of financially significant world events. In this newsletter,

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In Case It Missed You

icon In Case It Missed You

A weekly mixtape of interesting articles, venture capital folks, and products that may have missed your inbox

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First Round Review

The Company-Building Cornerstones Every Founder Needs to Focus On — Advice From HubSpot’s Dharmesh Shah

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The Daily Pitch

icon The Daily Pitch

Subscribe to The Daily Pitch, PitchBook's daily newsletter, and get the information you need to get ahead in the world of VC, PE and M&A. Start reading today!

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Stock Ideas

icon Stock Ideas

Deep-dives of the fastest-growing companies and their stocks. Emailed every other Sunday to over 200 people investing in their future.

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The Flywheel

Breaking down business models, one flywheel at a time. Click to read The Flywheel, by Jake Singer, a Substack publication with thousands of readers.

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Inside Venture Capital

Keeping track of the latest deals, trends, and industry news 5x per week. Subscribe today.

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The Wolf of Harcourt Street

icon The Wolf of Harcourt Street

Helping you to become a more informed investor. Click to read The Wolf of Harcourt Street, a Substack publication with thousands of readers.

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Financial Independence News(letter)

icon Financial Independence News(letter)

Getting women financially independent and centering women in the FI conversation

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HOV Access

We have got you covered with specially curated newsworthy reports, relevant advice, inspiration stories, virtual conferences and more.

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