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Profitable Insights Powered By Demographics

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Prairie Dog

icon Prairie Dog

Prairie Dog is a personal commentary on life and living as experienced on the Canadian Prairies.

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The Wisdom Project

icon The Wisdom Project

Ideas to help you get better.

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Chaise Lounge

icon Chaise Lounge

From health to politics to economics: a weekly newsletter keeping you up to date on issues important to women

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Optimally Irrational

For readers interested in behavioral economics and psychology.

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icon PiggyBack

Learn from and piggyback invest alongside capital allocators.

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MoneyBits is a free crypto newsletter trusted by top investors. Every Friday Dan (the founder) sends a newsletter on the fundamentals of the sector. Dan stays focused on the opportunities, a

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icon moderated

A weekly newsletter created to dive into the Fashion Industry, analysing complex phenomenons and bringing insights about them. Moderated also has a curation and summary of the most talked la

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icon Defiance

Insights and commentary on American national upheaval

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FX & Macro Weekly

Delivers a review of the previous week in markets, an analysis of where they stand right now, and an outlook on the coming week. Focussed on FX with a touch of Global Macro.

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In Brief

For people interested in the intersection of politics and economics and how they shape the world we live in.

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News Sensei daily brief

News Sensei te ahorra tiempo, dinero y esfuerzo al enviarte un resumen inteligente con la información noticiosa más relevante todas las mañanas.

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Planet Money

icon Planet Money

Just the right amount of economics, sent weekly.

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What's Happening in China

What's Happening in China is a weekly newsletter that curates the latest and most important news and developments from China, covering politics, society, economy, culture, technology, and mo

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Workforce Futurist

For those curious about the future of work.

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Contrarian Investor

Giving voice to those who question a prevailing narrative in global financial markets. This is our daily briefing, focusing on events that are likely to move the stock market in the day ahea

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Business Hub

icon Business Hub

Lets discuss Business, Economics, Finance, and more! Join us for quick and insightful articles!

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The Rational Cloning

icon The Rational Cloning

The Rational Cloning Newsletter sifts through the best investment ideas of others (fund managers, activists, FinTwit, investing blogs, insiders) and uncovers the highest quality ones for you

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Bitcoin Operator

icon Bitcoin Operator

Building a hedge fund in public – join us

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Good Energy

icon Good Energy

A free weekly energy and climate newsletter. Not just for experts, for everyone.

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Fintech Wave

icon Fintech Wave

Stay on top of the FinTech and Crypto world in 5 min read.

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Nani the Money

Breaking down cryptocurrencies and the state of our modern monetary system via stories and commentary.

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Shorting Hat

Enchanted hat that uses magic and accounting to examine companies and markets in a weekly column.

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Rates Daily

icon Rates Daily

We deliver rates, indexes, Euribor, Fed Rates, crypto prices to your inbox daily. You don't have to check it manually.

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