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Advice, insights, and inspiration to help engineers grow.

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The Hacker’s Mail

Free and Open Source Software news [in French].

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SaaS Dives

icon SaaS Dives

Find Inspiration For Your Next Startup.

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The Senior Mindset Series

icon The Senior Mindset Series

Get a series of curated essays on the mindset of a senior software engineer.

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The Creative Tusk

icon The Creative Tusk

I write about how to develop a creative mindset, covering a range of topics including storytelling and more.

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Discover services & tools for your startup.

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The best articles on startups, tech, and more.

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Open Pull Request

icon Open Pull Request

A journey to find new and inspiring open-source libraries.

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icon OpenLampTech

Covering PHP/MySQL for web developers.

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WebDev Town

icon WebDev Town

A weekly newsletter that brings you the most useful links in the world of web development.

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This Week In React

Stay up-to-date with React.

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Engineering Growth

The best actionable growth strategies.

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Gemfile List

icon Gemfile List

The coolest and most useful RubyGems I can find.

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icon dailydevlinks

The latest industry trends, news & resources.

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Tiny Improvements

icon Tiny Improvements

Designing & building great products for the web.

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Secure by Design

icon Secure by Design

Learn to build softwares that cannot be hacked.

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Steph Smith

icon Steph Smith

Remote work, continuous growth, and technology.

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No Code

icon No Code

How to build your business without code.

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Frontend Snacks

Code snippets, news, and food for thought.

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For technical founders, indie hackers, and curious devs.

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Frontend Focus

The best frontend news and tutorials.

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Python Weekly

Curated Python articles, new releases, jobs, and more.

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Frontend Planet

Get the latest frontend development resources delivered straight to your inbox for FREE.

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icon Semicolon&Sons

Indie-hacker screencasts.

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