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Full-Time Maker

icon Full-Time Maker

I will serve as a guinea pig, sharing what I've learned in my approach to validating, building, and launching products. This is the messy behind the scenes, not a perfectly edited youtube tu

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Advice, insights, and inspiration to help engineers grow.

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icon Semicolon&Sons

Indie-hacker screencasts.

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Mark Smith’s Newsletter

The newsletter is a roundup of the best links I’ve posted to my linkblog over the week. I’ve been posting links there for close to 10 years now, it’s one of the longest running person

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Become a better software engineer with weekly technical articles.

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DB Weekly

icon DB Weekly

A weekly round-up of database technology news and articles covering new developments, SQL, NoSQL, document databases, graph databases, and more.

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Developer Microskills

icon Developer Microskills

Want to grow as a developer or developer advocate but don't know where to start? Tired of vague, hand-wavey self-help BS telling you to just "believe in yourself"? Sign up for the Developer

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Frontend Planet

Get the latest frontend development resources delivered straight to your inbox for FREE.

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Become a Better Developer

Software Engineering and Career in Tech. Articles to make you become a better developer.

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Git Better

icon Git Better

Get better with Git. Tips, tricks and advanced topics of Git. Click to read Git Better, by Srebalaji Thirumalai, a Substack publication with hundreds of readers.

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Game Dev Digest

icon Game Dev Digest

The Newsletter about Unity game dev. A free, weekly newsletter containing Unity game dev news, articles, tips, tricks, assets, videos and more. Everything you need to keep up-to-date in t

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Inside Digital Products

icon Inside Digital Products

Best Practices, Lessons Learned and Reflections about what makes a great Digital

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Cybersecurity Tips

icon Cybersecurity Tips

Helping you uynderstand cybersecurity better.

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The Senior Mindset Series

Get a series of curated essays on the mindset of a senior software engineer. What it takes to get there, what should you do when you're there, how to change the way you think.

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Lu's Newsletter

icon Lu's Newsletter

Weekly article and exploration on Leadership on Product-led Companies

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icon Dice

Insights and analysis for tech professionals across North America

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Bright Dev Newsletter

icon Bright Dev Newsletter

Fresh dev tips about iOS, Android, web and Blockchain development. First-hand info about our free workshops and webinars for developers and project managers. No spam. No job offers. Only onc

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TypeScript Weekly

icon TypeScript Weekly

The best TypeScript links every week, right in your inbox

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Paywall Newsletter

icon Paywall Newsletter

Hand-picked selection of hot mobile paywalls.

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Amazing CTO

You're a tech manager, CTO or want to become one? Then this newsletter is for you! Everything a CTO, VP of Engineering, or aspiring developer needs for a successful job or tech management ca

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Dev Leader Weekly

icon Dev Leader Weekly

Want to level up your software engineering? Check out weekly deep dives and C# coding examples! Catch up on learning resources and try out the weekly challenge!

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Flutter Digest

icon Flutter Digest

Tous les lundis à 08h00, recevez dans votre boîte aux lettres le meilleur de l’actualité autour de Flutter. Articles, vidéos, bibliothèques… vous aurez toutes les cartes en main po

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icon dailydevlinks

The latest industry trends, news & resources.

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icon Technically

Technically breaks down software engineering in simple language so you can impress your boss. Join 30K+ people getting more technical:

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