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Seattle Data Guy

icon Seattle Data Guy

Simplifying the data stack from big data, data ingestion to ML

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DevOps Bulletin

icon DevOps Bulletin

A hand curated digest of must-read DevOps tutorials, books, podcasts, open-source projects and jobs.

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AWS Graviton Weekly

5 resources of AWS Graviton2 and Graviton3.

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Chrome Extension Ideas

A newsletter where we share demand-based chrome extension ideas. So when you launch your product, you have a hungry audience waiting for your solution. This way you will reach product-marke

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This Week In DevOps

icon This Week In DevOps

DevOps news without the hype

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Status Code

icon Status Code

Software development, Web operations, infrastructure, platforms, and performance

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DevOps Weekly

icon DevOps Weekly

A weekly slice of devops news

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Serverless Status

icon Serverless Status

Weekly newsletter on serverless and function-as-a-service (FaaS) architectures

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icon LevelUp

By subscribing, you are staying updated and taking a pivotal step toward global career success. Reach for the world with LevelUp.

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This is an IT Support Group

Leveling up your Information Technology career just got easy. IT Industry news in 5 minutes or less. Stay up to date and informed for free.

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Programmer Weekly

icon Programmer Weekly

A free weekly newsletter featuring the best hand curated links for programmers

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Fullstack Bulletin

icon Fullstack Bulletin

The most awesome weekly newsletter about fullstack web development

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Bashful Scripting

icon Bashful Scripting

A monthly newsletter of bash scripting, tips and tricks for developing shell scripts and examples of great bash CLI tools

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What Happened Last Week

Discover the latest tips and tricks from the WebDev and DevRel world. Inside you'll find interesting resources about development, UX, and more.

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Quest for Code

Newsletter about software development, video games, and technology in general.

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Remote Leaf

icon Remote Leaf

Remote Leaf aggregates remote jobs in one organised place from hundreds of remote job boards, company career pages, linkedin, reddit, twitter, facebook groups and hacker news hiring.

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Hello Clouders

icon Hello Clouders

Easiest way to learn AWS with bite-sized content and daily questions

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Stack Overflow

icon Stack Overflow

Essays, opinions, and advice on the act of computer programming

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Fauna Jamstack Weekly

icon Fauna Jamstack Weekly

Stay informed of the latest Jamstack news, tips, and tricks

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The Stakeholder Report

icon The Stakeholder Report

Weekly newsletter covering Project Management, Leadership, and Business. Keep moving forward.

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Cloud Weekly

Read and learn the best practices about Cloud and Engineering. Find out how the largest companies design in the Cloud and how you can leverage it in your daily work.

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Mark Smith’s Newsletter

The newsletter is a roundup of the best links I’ve posted to my linkblog over the week. I’ve been posting links there for close to 10 years now, it’s one of the longest running person

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icon Semicolon&Sons

Indie-hacker screencasts.

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icon technologic

Technology made simple.

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