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Full-Time Maker

icon Full-Time Maker

I will serve as a guinea pig, sharing what I've learned in my approach to validating, building, and launching products. This is the messy behind the scenes, not a perfectly edited youtube tu

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Advice, insights, and inspiration to help engineers grow.

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DanylkoWeb Digest

icon DanylkoWeb Digest

Full-stack Microsoft Development focusing on web performance

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The Weekly Drop

A free weekly email newsletter including Drupal news, tutorials, and articles. Subscribe and join over 12,000 other subscribers today.

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icon Godotes

Godot Engine Newsletter. Bite size Godot insights, straight to your inbox every Friday.

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Remote Work Revolution

icon Remote Work Revolution

Your guide to life as a remote developer, complete with tech news, travel/finance tips, and new job postings every week!

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Mark Smith’s Newsletter

The newsletter is a roundup of the best links I’ve posted to my linkblog over the week. I’ve been posting links there for close to 10 years now, it’s one of the longest running person

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Become a better software engineer with weekly technical articles.

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DB Weekly

icon DB Weekly

A weekly round-up of database technology news and articles covering new developments, SQL, NoSQL, document databases, graph databases, and more.

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Developer Microskills

icon Developer Microskills

Want to grow as a developer or developer advocate but don't know where to start? Tired of vague, hand-wavey self-help BS telling you to just "believe in yourself"? Sign up for the Developer

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The best stories in tech, science, and dev.

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React Native Newsletter

icon React Native Newsletter

A curated, fun to read newsletter all about React Native

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icon ds-econ

Shower thoughts on data science! You can expect some practical tips and many posts on principles, frameworks, and (soon) summaries of academic papers.

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Git Better

icon Git Better

Get better with Git. Tips, tricks and advanced topics of Git. Click to read Git Better, by Srebalaji Thirumalai, a Substack publication with hundreds of readers.

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Game Dev Digest

icon Game Dev Digest

The Newsletter about Unity game dev. A free, weekly newsletter containing Unity game dev news, articles, tips, tricks, assets, videos and more. Everything you need to keep up-to-date in t

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Frontend Weekly

icon Frontend Weekly

The best articles, links and news related to Frontend Development delivered once a week to your inbox.

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Vue.js Developers Newsletter

icon Vue.js Developers Newsletter

Published each Tuesday since Feb 2017, the Vue.js Developers Newsletter will deepen your knowledge of Vue with weekly must-read articles. Join the more than 8000 readers and subscribe today!

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Data Leads Future

I share practical knowledge of data science, for everyone from beginners to experts.

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Tuesday Letter

icon Tuesday Letter

Every Tuesday I'll send you a letter with the coolest things I encountered that week. Topics can vary a lot, from exercise and diet all the way to mathematics and data analysis. I try to mak

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Dev Leader Weekly

icon Dev Leader Weekly

Want to level up your software engineering? Check out weekly deep dives and C# coding examples! Catch up on learning resources and try out the weekly challenge!

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Crashing Up

icon Crashing Up

Weekly growth-focused insights and tools to help you build the next big thing. No news, only new ideas. Click to read Crashing Up, by Randy Ginsburg, a Substack publication with hundreds of readers.

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icon dailydevlinks

The latest industry trends, news & resources.

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Bashful Scripting

icon Bashful Scripting

A monthly newsletter of bash scripting, tips and tricks for developing shell scripts and examples of great bash CLI tools

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CSS Animation Weekly

icon CSS Animation Weekly

CSS Animation Weekly - CSS Animation Weekly is a roundup of all the latest CSS animation articles and inspiration. Subscribe now and never miss an issue....

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