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The Weekly Roundup

icon The Weekly Roundup

One email at the end of each week summarizing the global environment news you need to know, what to act on, and what to smile about. Thousands of people read this every week and we'd love to

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The Rinse

icon The Rinse

A curated newsletter focused on sustainable fashion, delivered straight to your inbox.

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EV Universe

icon EV Universe

We take apart what's happening in the Electric Vehicle Universe weekly. It's a newsletter and a community of like-minded people. Join us and help expand the EV Universe!

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Have a Great Day

icon Have a Great Day

Join my newsletter community and every two weeks, I will write to you with a personal essay about life, work, people and place.

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Depth & Breadth

Exploring Social Impact. Click to read Depth & Breadth, a Substack publication. Launched a year ago.

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Wait! Just Listen

icon Wait! Just Listen

Essays on living meaningfully amidst the digital cacophony. Click to read Wait! Just Listen, by Josh Pillay, a Substack publication with hundreds of readers.

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icon FlightDeck

The email that gives you something to look forward to. Inspiration, to your inbox, for free.

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Normal voices

icon Normal voices

A weekly feel-good newsletter, filled with an anonymous conversations with people from all walks of life. The topics appear naturally in the conversation and are not filtered. By taking away

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Eradicate racism by joining the conversation. Influence the movement. Breakdown systemic racism by learning about implicit bias, inequality, discrimination, fragility, and the theories & beliefs that support it all plus more. All in 15 minutes a week.

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Black History Quiz

icon Black History Quiz

Black History Quiz - Black History Quiz is a weekly celebration of the contributions and achievements of Africans and the descendants of the diaspora in the

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The Green Fix

icon The Green Fix

An ethical roundup for the climate-conscious in Europe and beyond. Click to read The Green Fix, a Substack publication with thousands of readers.

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icon Tangle

Tangle is ad-free, investor-free, and totally independent. That means our only source of revenue is when readers like you subscribe. In return, we give you access to premium content, the comments section, insider info about the business and much more. Just take a look below!

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Read Something Queer

icon Read Something Queer

A weekly newsletter about queer books

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