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Still Small Voice

Music Reviews, Interviews, Listicles, Playlists, News and Opinion Pieces covering genres like Indie, Electronic, Ambient

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Eastern Radar

icon Eastern Radar

Every week, select stories from Russia and Eastern Europe you've (probably) missed

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The Gaming Pub

icon The Gaming Pub

The Gaming pub is a weekly newsletter made up of hand-curated links. Content ranges from interesting articles on the news front, interesting discussions and opinions, Dev/Design-related info

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Inside Leicester

Local news highlights, What's On, local sport updates, food and drink reviews, weather, and much, much more.

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It's About Time

icon It's About Time

Traditional watch news is boring & long - so we made ours entertaining & concise. Oh, it's also 100% free 👀

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Weekly Dystopia

icon Weekly Dystopia

We live in an unhappy world. Enjoy news, analysis and opinion on how we got there.

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icon Podmmunity

All things podcastings

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Thousand Faces Club

icon Thousand Faces Club

A bi-weekly newsletter to discover new creators & our analysis on creator economy and internet trends.

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Luxury Latin America monthly e-newsletter

icon Luxury Latin America monthly e-newsletter

Monthly newsletter featuring the latest content on our luxury travel magazine and news from the region. Sign up to receive proven strategies to get a hotel room upgrade!

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Future News

Innovation and developments in the news media industry

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Reading Under the Radar

icon Reading Under the Radar

Reading Under the Radar brings you a weekly book recommendation you (probably) haven't heard of, focusing on books that flew under the media radar, from independent presses, from historicall

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7 for Seven

icon 7 for Seven

Weekly links on writing and creativity, with a ridiculous cartoon.

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icon Exponomy

Tools to help entrepreneurs navigate the new experience economy. Experience marketing & entrepreneurship insights for the entertainment industry.

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icon Cybernaut

Cybernaut is an expedition into all things internet culture, from the idiosyncrasies of social media to the subcultures that exist in less frequented spots on the web. Each new issue investi

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The PR Dispatch

icon The PR Dispatch

The PR Dispatch is a regular publication full of interesting, relevant links for Public Relations and Communication Professionals. We cover events, conferences, articles, industry reports ne

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Influence Weekly

icon Influence Weekly

The weekly report that over 19,000 Influencer Marketing professionals read every Friday.

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Textual Variations

icon Textual Variations

Why movies exist in multiple versions.

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Queer Computer

icon Queer Computer

Decoding the intersection of queerness and tech.

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Innocently Macabre

icon Innocently Macabre

An interplay of worldly merriment and twisted secrets

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icon QueerAF

Understand the ever-changing queer world.

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icon blazon

Business and Entrepreneurship in the Creative Arts

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The Fancy Comma Newsletter

icon The Fancy Comma Newsletter

Insights about freelancing, entrepreneurship, writing, and life; useful tidbits from around the web; and perspectives on science writing, including both marketing writing and science journalism. All in a monthly newsletter delivered to your inbox. Click to read The Fancy Comma, LLC Newsletter, a Substack publication. Launched a year ago.

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The Novelleist

icon The Novelleist

Serial novels by Elle Griffin—and a newsletter about writing them.

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The Watchlist Movie Newsletter

icon The Watchlist Movie Newsletter

We recently started a movie newsletter aiming to summarise the latest releases in one place and give many other recommendations on what to watch.

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