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Mule Britannia!

Mule Britannia! tells interesting stories, set against detailed context, about a culturally significant moment from the

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The Sadbook Collections

The (mostly) daily comic strip of a stick-figure human.

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Read a Girl

icon Read a Girl

When was the last time you read a book written by a woman?

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Authentic, well researched stories across multiple genres that will help you story you point. I am a Story Coach and I work with leaders and organisations to help them tell their stories bet

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Queer Computer

icon Queer Computer

Decoding the intersection of queerness and tech.

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Just Enough to Get Me in Trouble

Personal, vulnerable, and sometimes funny stories. Or, as a reader put it, "Lyle is a writer who will steal your heart and smack you in the face with it, and somehow you'll ask for more. He

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The Atlas

icon The Atlas

In the Atlas newsletter, author Donatella Caggiano writes about personal stories of transit as told by the in-betweeners: people who live in between different cultures, countries, languages

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I’ve Been Thinking

Unusual trains of thought with no particular destination. Click to read I've Been Thinking, by Dylan Buck, a Substack publication. Launched a year ago.

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icon Kingsport

KINGSPORT is a newsletter soap opera released Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

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icon VVD RED

The easiest way to discover beautifully-designed products.

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My Home Office Hacks

icon My Home Office Hacks

A virtual water cooler for remote folks.

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Cultural Reads

icon Cultural Reads

Cultural Reads is a bi-weekly newsletter with books, music, and movie tips from all around the world as well as interviews with international creators and useful tools to discover your next

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Lake Norman Moves

icon Lake Norman Moves

Lake Norman is a man-made lake north of Charlotte, NC and acts as the cultural and recreational hub for the region.

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Zat Rana

icon Zat Rana

Expressing the nuances of the human condition

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The Watchlist Movie Newsletter

icon The Watchlist Movie Newsletter

We recently started a movie newsletter aiming to summarise the latest releases in one place and give many other recommendations on what to watch.

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Get new articles and insight directly from Southern Spain. Written by a British expat who moved to Andalusia and has spent 14 years living a Spanish life. Food, history and loca

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The Second Button

Men’s fashion, suits, and more.

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Learn India's ancient literature, culture, heritage through web comics.

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Weekly Diversions

I read the entire internet so you don't have to. Each week I will send you the best articles, twitter threads, podcasts, and much more. This newsletter will make you more interesting.

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R8 people on the 🚇

Sharing thoughtful proven recruiting tips and trends to build a long-term low cost recruiting strategy

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icon TypeTown

A fortnightly newsletter celebrating the typewriter’s place in modern (and not-so-modern) culture.

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icon Sentiers

Feed your curiosity & make better sense of the world.

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Wine Blueprint

icon Wine Blueprint

Get smarter about a wine. A weekly wine newsletter that makes wine easier to understand and more enjoyable.

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TechFinitive x FlashForward

Twice a month we take a look at a technology featured in a movie and catch you up to where it is at in 2023.

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