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Good Book/Good Bread

icon Good Book/Good Bread

Review a book I love with a delicious bread.

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The Sadbook Collections

The (mostly) daily comic strip of a stick-figure human.

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icon Kingsport

KINGSPORT is a newsletter soap opera released Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

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Watch Newsletter

We source interesting watch deals for you and send them directly into your inbox. For free.

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Sunday Slant

A weekly round-up of all the nonsense in my life with interesting links.

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Arthinkal Magazine

icon Arthinkal Magazine

Arthinkal Magazine is a weekly online magazine that publishes brief biographies of influential personalities from all walks of life and articles on interesting subjects.

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The Black Fantastic

icon The Black Fantastic

The Black Fantastic highlights what’s new and notable in contemporary culture–with an emphasis on the the Black artists, activists, scholars and creators who are driving it forward. Also

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Make Believe Mailer

icon Make Believe Mailer

The latest on Japanese music, from city pop to contemporary electronic.

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Textual Variations

icon Textual Variations

Why movies exist in multiple versions.

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Hugh Wesley's Short Stories

Uplifting short stories for trying times.

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Art Legends in History

icon Art Legends in History

Making art history fun again.

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Why Try AI

icon Why Try AI

Substack newsletter with a special focus on beginner-friendly tools and helpful tips for getting started with generative AI.

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icon TypeTown

A fortnightly newsletter celebrating the typewriter’s place in modern (and not-so-modern) culture.

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Innocently Macabre

icon Innocently Macabre

An interplay of worldly merriment and twisted secrets

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Simple Ideas For An Extraordinary Life. Click to read Prometheus' Idealetter, by Kundan, a Substack publication. Launched a year ago.

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You Should Own Art

For committed art nerds and the art-curious alike, a monthly roundup of great, and not-crazy-expensive artworks from across the Internet.

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Read a Girl

icon Read a Girl

When was the last time you read a book written by a woman?

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Frgmnts by Benny Bowden

icon Frgmnts by Benny Bowden

Every Tuesday morning, I publish an unpolished piece of my poetry (usually just a line or two) — a “fragment” — with a little background. These are the fleeting expressions of though

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icon blazon

Business and Entrepreneurship in the Creative Arts

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The Novelleist

icon The Novelleist

Serial novels by Elle Griffin—and a newsletter about writing them.

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The Watchlist Movie Newsletter

icon The Watchlist Movie Newsletter

We recently started a movie newsletter aiming to summarise the latest releases in one place and give many other recommendations on what to watch.

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Martiniere Stories

icon Martiniere Stories

Welcome to Martiniere Stories! This is the home for all things Martiniere, including short works and rough draft serialized novels. Weekly story post on or around Fridays.

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The Second Button

Men’s fashion, suits, and more.

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Learn India's ancient literature, culture, heritage through web comics.

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