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Techie Ticker

Techie Ticker by BestTechie is a weekly newsletter offering insights and analysis on the tech industry, in-depth guides, and so much more.

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The Snoozeletter

The Snoozeletter sends wellness tips, interesting articles, and personally picked recs to help you wind down every Sun-Thu PM.

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NC Newslatter

icon NC Newslatter

FREE ChatGPT + Twitter Mastery Course Join now! Top-notch marketing, copywriting, and startup news, along with valuable tips and tools, are delivered straight to your inbox.

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I Want To Eat That

icon I Want To Eat That

A newsletter about food and drink for people who are sick of the hype around food and drink. Mainly about food in Greater Manchester and the north of England but other places too occasionall

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Future of Belonging

This newsletter will examine how we can redesign tools and remodel approaches to fulfill the basic human need for belonging over the next decade as loneliness, disconnection, and exclusion b

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Prairie Dog

icon Prairie Dog

Prairie Dog is a personal commentary on life and living as experienced on the Canadian Prairies.

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Mel Makes

icon Mel Makes

A friendly newsletter sharing the things I make.

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Parampreet Singh

icon Parampreet Singh

📍Startup jobs in your Inbox every week

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EV Universe

icon EV Universe

We take apart what's happening in the Electric Vehicle Universe weekly. It's a newsletter and a community of like-minded people. Join us and help expand the EV Universe!

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Paging Dr. Lesbian

icon Paging Dr. Lesbian

Dispatches from the lesbian internet (and beyond).

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Weekly NFT Schedule

icon Weekly NFT Schedule

Never miss out on an NFT drop again!

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The Swill Wineletter

The first black owned natural wine news outlet

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Lake Norman Moves

icon Lake Norman Moves

Lake Norman is a man-made lake north of Charlotte, NC and acts as the cultural and recreational hub for the region.

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Silver Geeks

Empowering the Wise: Your Weekly Source of Tech, Health, and Wealth Insights. Join Silver Geeks for a journey of digital discovery and holistic well-being, curated for the vibrant 50+ commun

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Sunday Scoop

icon Sunday Scoop

Practical life advice for dog dads, one pawsome quote, and one carefully curated recommendation or link.

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BLAG (Better Letters Magazine)

icon BLAG (Better Letters Magazine)

Adventures in Sign Painting.

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On Repeat

icon On Repeat

Future classics & forgotten gems. On Repeat is a newsletter for people tired of being fed music via algorithm. It's like your favorite music magazine but without the Toyota ads.

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Rich Tales

Rich Tales is collection of Powerful Ideas and Cool Stories. Some from me and many from others that will inspire you, make you think and think differently. Join me in discovering Rich Tal

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icon Cybernaut

Cybernaut is an expedition into all things internet culture, from the idiosyncrasies of social media to the subcultures that exist in less frequented spots on the web. Each new issue investi

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Watch Newsletter

We source interesting watch deals for you and send them directly into your inbox. For free.

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icon Placeful

Placeful is a weekly newsletter exploring sense of place, sustainability, and how and why we should nurture our connection to the places that define us, for the betterment of our communities

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YEN.FM — Community, Daily.

An indispensable newsletter for the discerning, community-minded professional; delivered daily in perfectly-sized portions.

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Friday Finds

The best of learning, design & technology

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R8 people on the 🚇

Sharing thoughtful proven recruiting tips and trends to build a long-term low cost recruiting strategy

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