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Day X

icon Day X

Be prepared for the unexpected - getting ready for the Day X

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icon Cloudbites

Bite-sized Insights into the Cloud Computing Industry for Students and Young Professionals.

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Rich Tales

Rich Tales is collection of Powerful Ideas and Cool Stories. Some from me and many from others that will inspire you, make you think and think differently. Join me in discovering Rich Tal

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Opera Daily

icon Opera Daily

An email that makes you love opera.

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Homo Imaginari

icon Homo Imaginari

Popular social science thinking for curious folks.

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Eleanor's Iceberg

icon Eleanor's Iceberg

Learn obscure history & science using fantasy fiction as a framing device.

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The Weekly Roundup

icon The Weekly Roundup

One email at the end of each week summarizing the global environment news you need to know, what to act on, and what to smile about. Thousands of people read this every week and we'd love to

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Game Dev Digest

icon Game Dev Digest

The Newsletter about Unity game dev. A free, weekly newsletter containing Unity game dev news, articles, tips, tricks, assets, videos and more. Everything you need to keep up-to-date in t

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Tiwari Talks

icon Tiwari Talks

All things robotics, research and academia

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icon technologic

Technology made simple.

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WolfHeart Cybersecurity

icon WolfHeart Cybersecurity

Protecting People

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The Build

icon The Build

Building the future of AI, DAOs, education, and tiny architecture.

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Algorithmically Speaking

icon Algorithmically Speaking

A journey through the most beautiful algorithmic problems and solutions in the history of Computer Science.

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icon RoboStox

Bitesize reports providing clear analysis on tech stocks and crypto assets.

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La Revue des Liens

icon La Revue des Liens

Une sélection hebdo des nouveaux sites et outils numériques par Fidel Navamuel

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Tuesday Letter

icon Tuesday Letter

Every Tuesday I'll send you a letter with the coolest things I encountered that week. Topics can vary a lot, from exercise and diet all the way to mathematics and data analysis. I try to mak

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icon legalleader

money and mindfulness

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Holistically Speaking

icon Holistically Speaking

It's time to grow!

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Conquering Burnout

icon Conquering Burnout

Conquering Burnout is a newsletter about Burnout Awareness, Prevention and Recovery. My ultimate goal is to illuminate the topic burnout, help you to become aware of it, prevent it and reco

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Cybersecurity Tips

icon Cybersecurity Tips

Helping you uynderstand cybersecurity better.

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Edtech Asia

Weekly updates on news, trends, and relevant reports on the Ed-tech industry in the Asian region.

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Today I Learned

A daily newsletter where I share my notes on habits, productivity, and learning

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Ascend Newsletter

Actionable leadership advice every week that will help you build influence, get buy-in for your ideas and ascend in your career. Read by 5k+ leaders.

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icon FullStackHR

A newsletter about Human Resources, life, and all in between.

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