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Game Dev Digest

icon Game Dev Digest

The Newsletter about Unity game dev. A free, weekly newsletter containing Unity game dev news, articles, tips, tricks, assets, videos and more. Everything you need to keep up-to-date in t

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Would You Rather

icon Would You Rather

Fun, illustrated, weekly would you rather scenarios to brighten your day and make you think.

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icon Godotes

Godot Engine Newsletter. Bite size Godot insights, straight to your inbox every Friday.

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The Gaming Pub

icon The Gaming Pub

The Gaming pub is a weekly newsletter made up of hand-curated links. Content ranges from interesting articles on the news front, interesting discussions and opinions, Dev/Design-related info

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Thumb Punks

icon Thumb Punks

Thumb Punks was a weekly newsletter covering the week’s retro gaming news in a 5 minute read. Click to read Thumb Punks, a Substack publication. Launched a year ago.

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The best place to find work with games and real-time skills beyond entertainment

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Bettor Secrets

icon Bettor Secrets

Bettor Secrets is a newsletter focused on sports betting news, tips and tricks from sharps you can’t get anywhere else. Track the key lines and opportunities to max your EV. Think of it

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Gamedev.js Weekly

Gamedev.js Weekly - newsletter about HTML5 game development

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Load Save

icon Load Save

Every Saturday afternoon, I'll send in-depth and behind-the-scenes articles about the gaming industry and community straight to your inbox.

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Switch Weekly

icon Switch Weekly

The latest Nintendo Switch news delivered to your inbox every Sunday.

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