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Day X

icon Day X

Be prepared for the unexpected - getting ready for the Day X

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Community Trail Running

icon Community Trail Running

Inform, entertain, and inclusively serve as an online extension of the trail running community.

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Clicks, Bricks & Tidbits

icon Clicks, Bricks & Tidbits

News you can use from the worlds of #CRE & #Retail (we like to add tech, business, productivity, and strategy tidbits too!)

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Nick Lions

icon Nick Lions

10-Minute Sunday Stories For Growing Men. Nick Lions' Sunday short-stories are about the life of a middle-aged man and his mission to reclaim his fading superpowers. But Nick isn't just Nick – he is all of us grown men. His stories entertain, motivate and connect. They aim to help men regain their footing in the second half of their lives.

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Gabe Vertrees Newsletter

icon Gabe Vertrees Newsletter

I share my continuous life long learning with my readers.

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For the Love of Nature

icon For the Love of Nature

Positive sustainability news.

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Extra Points

icon Extra Points

For technical founders, indie hackers, and curious devs.

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Think of the Children

icon Think of the Children

Parenting, education, and the ways in which it’s all f*@#ing impossible

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The Town Crier

icon The Town Crier

Delivering a satirical take on the news in five minutes. Backed by science, 4 out of 5 doctors recommend for those suffering from Sunday scaries.

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Crear Tranquila

icon Crear Tranquila

Reflexiones sobre mi vida y cómo la voy construyendo en búsqueda de mi propia felicidad.

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Grounded in the Bible

icon Grounded in the Bible

Grounded in the Bible delivers weekly Bible studies to your inbox.

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The Deleted Scenes

icon The Deleted Scenes

Urbanism, culture, idiosyncrasy. Treating the built environment and urban design as fundamental issues that affect everybody. Looking with insight at ordinary, everyday places.

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Martiniere Stories

icon Martiniere Stories

Welcome to Martiniere Stories! This is the home for all things Martiniere, including short works and rough draft serialized novels. Weekly story post on or around Fridays.

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Poo's Faux Fur Scarf Made Me Do It

icon Poo's Faux Fur Scarf Made Me Do It

Blessed and blissful union of books and Bollywood!

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Game & Word

icon Game & Word

The Curious Gaming Newsletter

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icon ToolsForCrypto

Get updates on the latest crypto projects and tools.

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The Thinking Investor

icon The Thinking Investor

Important lessons from the best investors.

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The Ledge

icon The Ledge

For all things sports and pop culture, live life on The Ledge

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MarketSike’s Newsletter

The intersection between marketing & psychology.

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Inside Leicester

Local news highlights, What's On, local sport updates, food and drink reviews, weather, and much, much more.

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Coffee & Pens

icon Coffee & Pens

Where authors share their secrets.​

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The Journey Continues

icon The Journey Continues

Essays and explorations for deep thinkers and nostalgia seekers.

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Niche Scout Newsletter

icon Niche Scout Newsletter

🎉 Introducing the Niche Scout Newsletter! 🎉 Ever felt lost in the vast sea of blogging niches? Overwhelmed with where to start? I’ve been in those shoes, and I know the struggle all too well. 😓 That's why I'm bringing a game-changer to your inbox! Here's the scoop: Every week, I’ll unveil 5 hidden gem blogging niches specially chosen for their potential and uniqueness. But that's not all! 🌟 Each niche comes packed with a list of low competition keywords to give you the head start you've been craving for. No more wading through clichéd topics. No more second-guessing. Just pure, unfiltered gold, waiting for you to capitalize on. 🚀 The best part? This treasure trove is 💯% FREE! Dive in and discover your next blogging success story. 🌈🔍

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Friday Finds

The best of learning, design & technology

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