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Still Small Voice

Music Reviews, Interviews, Listicles, Playlists, News and Opinion Pieces covering genres like Indie, Electronic, Ambient

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Fast Food Secrets Club

icon Fast Food Secrets Club

Fast Food Secrets Club provides a free newsletter Monday, Wednesday, and Friday that is filled with fast food / dine-in coupons, menu hacks, recipes and more.

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Internet Is Beautiful

icon Internet Is Beautiful

Discover the most interesting links from the depths of the internet!

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Hey, it's Z

icon Hey, it's Z

These are the random thoughts we have all had, yet I am the only one speaking them out loud. Want to know why the cars movie included sidewalks even though there were no people? Let me tell

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Contemporary Idiot

icon Contemporary Idiot

The contemporary world, as seen through the eyes of a Contemporary Idiot.

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The German Football Weekly

icon The German Football Weekly

A free weekly newsletter highlighting some the biggest news, and headlines, from the beautiful game on German soil.

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Pop Culture Collective

icon Pop Culture Collective

A group of like-minded creators who believe in supporting each other and raising each other's profile. Writers, podcasters, actors, artists and more, all sharing their latest work and update

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Without a hitch 👍

Learn something delightful every week with this digest of true tales and casual commentary. Levity guaranteed. 🎈

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The Morning Owl

icon The Morning Owl

Random projects from a wannabe writer.

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Pop Rocks

icon Pop Rocks

Writing about what's new and trending in pop culture, plus a few things that make you go hmm. I'll also share what I'm reading, watching, and thinking (not necessarily in that order).

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Reading Under the Radar

icon Reading Under the Radar

Reading Under the Radar brings you a weekly book recommendation you (probably) haven't heard of, focusing on books that flew under the media radar, from independent presses, from historicall

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Without Borders

Stories by the inescapably foreign. A community for nomads, immigrants, third culture children, and anyone else that feels foreign as fu**.

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TechFinitive x FlashForward

Twice a month we take a look at a technology featured in a movie and catch you up to where it is at in 2023.

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Introducing a captivating and engaging newsletter that skillfully blends information and entertainment to deliver a truly immersive news experience

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What's Curation?

One song every day, genre no bar.

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Arch Nemesis Movie Reviews

icon Arch Nemesis Movie Reviews

Help me create a new, perfect rating system for movie reviews.

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Influence Weekly

icon Influence Weekly

The weekly report that over 19,000 Influencer Marketing professionals read every Friday.

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Pop Quiz Me

icon Pop Quiz Me

1 pop culture newsletter each day.

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Tales from the Defrag

icon Tales from the Defrag

Weekly speculative short fiction and a newsletter about my journey to the next chapter of my dystopian novel SPHEREAN.

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icon VVD RED

The easiest way to discover beautifully-designed products.

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The Watchlist Movie Newsletter

icon The Watchlist Movie Newsletter

We recently started a movie newsletter aiming to summarise the latest releases in one place and give many other recommendations on what to watch.

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The Podcast Guide

icon The Podcast Guide

We rank the 5 best podcasts of the month at the intersection of entertainment, news, finance & business, current events, technology, and pop culture.

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Weekly Diversions

I read the entire internet so you don't have to. Each week I will send you the best articles, twitter threads, podcasts, and much more. This newsletter will make you more interesting.

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icon Exponomy

Tools to help entrepreneurs navigate the new experience economy. Experience marketing & entrepreneurship insights for the entertainment industry.

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