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Tech Munch

Writing about the collision of technology, start-ups and investing in Europe.

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DXP Report

icon DXP Report

Get access to the latest DXP, CMS, and digital experience headlines in a succinct, weekly email. Plus, read through curated DXP-related conversations across Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit.

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Secure by Design

icon Secure by Design

Learn to build softwares that cannot be hacked.

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The Kaya Toast

icon The Kaya Toast

A weekly curated newsletter of the best from product, design, and development.

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Zig Weekly

icon Zig Weekly

Each monday the latest articles, projects and tutorials about Zig.

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Product: Level Up

icon Product: Level Up

Level up your product skills over your morning coffee

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icon BaseClass

Computing topics explained in plain English. Learn a new topic in under 5 minutes.

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The Ever Growing Dev

Building a community of ever-growing developers, seeking to improve programming skills, and stay on a journey of continuous self-improvement. Focusing on tips for powering up your programmin

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icon Refactoring

A bi-weekly column about making great software, working with people, and personal growth

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The Exit Strategist

icon The Exit Strategist

Selling Your Tech Company for Strategic Value. This newsletter is written to address all aspects of the sale of a technology based business. ThinWe share our 20 plus years of experience repr

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For technical founders, indie hackers, and curious devs.

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Building an Indie Business

icon Building an Indie Business

Newsletter that sends Building an Indie Business podcast episodes directly to your inbox

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SaaS Strats

Learn proven strategies used by companies like Slack, Mailchimp, and Dropbox, that help you build, launch & grow your SaaS startup.

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Become a better software engineer with weekly technical articles.

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Frontend Planet

Get the latest frontend development resources delivered straight to your inbox for FREE.

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Game Dev Digest

icon Game Dev Digest

The Newsletter about Unity game dev. A free, weekly newsletter containing Unity game dev news, articles, tips, tricks, assets, videos and more. Everything you need to keep up-to-date in t

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INTREPID ( is a European-funded project which aims to help first responders be more efficient by taking less risks. To do so it develops tool kit with software,

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The Senior Mindset Series

Get a series of curated essays on the mindset of a senior software engineer. What it takes to get there, what should you do when you're there, how to change the way you think.

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icon technologic

Technology made simple.

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Bright Dev Newsletter

icon Bright Dev Newsletter

Fresh dev tips about iOS, Android, web and Blockchain development. First-hand info about our free workshops and webinars for developers and project managers. No spam. No job offers. Only onc

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Flutter Digest

icon Flutter Digest

Tous les lundis à 08h00, recevez dans votre boîte aux lettres le meilleur de l’actualité autour de Flutter. Articles, vidéos, bibliothèques… vous aurez toutes les cartes en main po

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icon Technically

Technically breaks down software engineering in simple language so you can impress your boss. Join 30K+ people getting more technical:

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Friday Finds

The best of learning, design & technology

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Algorithmically Speaking

icon Algorithmically Speaking

A journey through the most beautiful algorithmic problems and solutions in the history of Computer Science.

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