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Purple Horizons Dispatch

Elevate Your Tech IQ! Dive into a weekly flash 💥 of AI, Blockchain, Robotics, and other emerging technologies with our free newsletter 📬!

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Tech Munch

Writing about the collision of technology, start-ups and investing in Europe.

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Soda Road

icon Soda Road

Our goal is to get you smarter about AI while making you smile because boring newsletters suck! 🥱 We focus on the stories that impact professionals like you. No useless links to vaporware

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icon FundrCap.

Latest news & analysis on funding and VC in AI.

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The Collective

The Collective is a curated newsletter that brings together the latest resources, articles, and tools from the ever-evolving world of frontend development, as well as web design inspiration

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Daily From 0 to $Bn E-Commerce & Marketing Hacks

One short, curated & actionable online marketing hack every day.

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Creators AI

icon Creators AI

The most practical AI Newsletter for creators and makers.

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AI news

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Architecture Insights

icon Architecture Insights

A newsletter covering topics in artificial intelligence curated for architects, landscape architects, and interior designers.

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Bytes and Brew

icon Bytes and Brew

See how you can craft solutions to solve problems using AI every other Monday.

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icon DataCures

Discover the future of healthcare, shaped by data-driven solutions and evidence-based insights. Get a competitive edge in the healthcare industry with our bi-weekly newsletter on health dat

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Product Mgmt Digest- Data & AI

icon Product Mgmt Digest- Data & AI

Tips and Learnings from AMA sessions with product professionals. Topics covered: Product Management-Career, Data and AI

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Everyday Automations

icon Everyday Automations

Exploring changes in technology and automation.

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Gradient Ascent

icon Gradient Ascent

Level up in machine learning the fun way.

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The Power Up

icon The Power Up

Power Up Your Life The Power Up is a free e-newsletter that helps 21st Century men lead lifestyles that are better for themselves, society & the planet. Each free power-packed edition b

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Daily AI Debrieft

icon Daily AI Debrieft

Stay up to date with the latest AI news. Delivered daily in a form of short bullet-point notes!

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The best stories in tech, science, and dev.

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No More Fat Fingers

No More Fat Fingers. Our mission and our monthly newsletter. Sign up to catch up on intelligent document processing news, product launches, customer stories, events, webinars, podcasts…

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Inisde AI

icon Inisde AI

Delivering Complex AI news into Short and Crisp Insights also this includes new information about AI tools, Resources and Practical Application of those Tools to enhance Productivity.

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Why Try AI

icon Why Try AI

Substack newsletter with a special focus on beginner-friendly tools and helpful tips for getting started with generative AI.

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INTREPID ( is a European-funded project which aims to help first responders be more efficient by taking less risks. To do so it develops tool kit with software,

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Data Leads Future

I share practical knowledge of data science, for everyone from beginners to experts.

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The AI Product Report

Stay ahead of the curve with this free, 5 minute, weekly newsletter that highlights new and innovative AI-powered products. Curated by Tyler Swartz, a former product lead at Reddit and AI en

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icon ds-econ

Shower thoughts on data science! You can expect some practical tips and many posts on principles, frameworks, and (soon) summaries of academic papers.

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