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Purple Horizons Dispatch

Elevate Your Tech IQ! Dive into a weekly flash 💥 of AI, Blockchain, Robotics, and other emerging technologies with our free newsletter 📬!

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Gold's Guide

icon Gold's Guide

Tech, media, and style for innovators and early adopters.

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The B Line

icon The B Line

Tracking the trends today that will change how we move tomorrow. The B Line researches and condenses the fundamentals of transportation happenings into ultra-quick, 3 minute reports.

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Year 2049

icon Year 2049

Learn about trends & tech shaping our future.

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New World Same Humans

icon New World Same Humans

A weekly newsletter on trends, technology, and society by David Mattin. A community for those on a mission to build a better shared future.

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Casey’s Catch

A wide net on politics, democracy & the search for balance.

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icon moderated

A weekly newsletter created to dive into the Fashion Industry, analysing complex phenomenons and bringing insights about them. Moderated also has a curation and summary of the most talked la

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Social Studies

icon Social Studies

News & analysis from Tech Twitter and Social Sciences.

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Exploding Topics

icon Exploding Topics

Your Window Into The Future, Delivered Every Tuesday

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Curious Electric News

icon Curious Electric News

weekly inspiration for the curious and innovative

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icon HIGHSCORE Changelog

HIGHSCORE domains is a leaderboard for domain owners

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icon Dosage

Wine meets food.

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Everyday Automations

icon Everyday Automations

Exploring changes in technology and automation.

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Binge Weekly

icon Binge Weekly

Binge Weekly is a conversational news and information newsletter that curates the best content from across major social media platforms. Why spend hour scrolling through Twitter/Instagram/Ti

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The Pill

icon The Pill

Weekly Dose of Health Content

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The Bitcoin Espresso

icon The Bitcoin Espresso

The Bitcoin Espresso delivers the essential Bitcoin news and fundamentals to your inbox each week. Save time and stay in control of your investment while having a nice cup of coffee! Whethe

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icon OPUMO

Join our community of 250,000 design lovers for the latest fashion, art, interiors, architecture and automotive.

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Workforce Futurist

For those curious about the future of work.

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Definite Optimism

icon Definite Optimism

Meet the companies building the future

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Make Believe Mailer

icon Make Believe Mailer

The latest on Japanese music, from city pop to contemporary electronic.

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Helping founders and investors discover new markets and ideas

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icon Glimpse

We track every topic across the internet to identify growing trends

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The Second Button

Men’s fashion, suits, and more.

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R8 people on the 🚇

Sharing thoughtful proven recruiting tips and trends to build a long-term low cost recruiting strategy

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