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The Cultured Warrior

icon The Cultured Warrior

Thought provoking essays, research, and inspirations from the realms of mental health, philosophy, ancestral nutrition, and combat sports.

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The Sleep Classifieds

icon The Sleep Classifieds

Weekly sound healing, sleep hygiene, and mental health tea.

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Torguide for healing

Torguide for healing is a guide for people living in a the urban to guide their spiritual journey.

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The Daily Lift

icon The Daily Lift

Using science-backed motivation methods to grow.

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The Therapy Room

Musings of the mind, body, heart and soul from the world of psychology, yoga and life.

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Discomfort Club

icon Discomfort Club

A weekly newsletter for men who pursue personal excellence through discomfort.

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Be Wellthy

icon Be Wellthy

Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise. —Benjamin Franklin That quote inspired Tim Ferriss to write three books: The 4-Hour Body (healthy), The 4-Hour Workweek (wealthy), and The 4-Hour Chef (wise). Somehow the 4-Hour Chef

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The Chronic RBF

icon The Chronic RBF

If you live a life with chronic pain…welcome. I’m Nathali, an endometriosis patient and advocate. After being diagnosed in 2010, I spent years in agonizing pain, desperate for solutions, as my symptoms worsened. I started sharing my story from a First Generation American Central American lens to discuss my medical mismanagement, bridging my generational knowledge gap to finally finding endometriosis experts that appropriately treated my disease in 2019. I share resources in English and Español. Now people know, it wasn’t always a resting b*tch face, I was probably in pain.I write about all aspects of living with endometriosis, my excision surgery, dealing with other pain generators in dealing with “endometriosis fallout” and why it is so difficult to get a diagnosis and proper treatment.

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Think & Move

Subscribe to Think & Move to get two short newsletters delivered to your inbox every week, each one featuring inspiration, research, and recommendations for creating more, moving more, a

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Continually Better

icon Continually Better

Written by best-selling author, Anthony Lynch, this is a free publication that focuses on the pursuit of excellence and the science of peak performance. The goal as always is to become a bit

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The Yoga Letters

icon The Yoga Letters

A bimonthly interactive yoga publication filled with personally curated recommendations and reflections all about mindfulness and the yoga journey. Featuring tailored journal prompts, pre-re

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Habito Nutricion

icon Habito Nutricion

I help you achieve better health through nutrition and other habits.

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The Hypothyroidism Corner

icon The Hypothyroidism Corner

Support for Those With Hypothyroidism

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Cadence Weekly

icon Cadence Weekly

Every Tuesday, receive an update on endurance news, bucket list endurance races & activities, and podcast & playlist suggestions for your next run.

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The Addict Breaker

icon The Addict Breaker

Useful tips for breaking your addiction.

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icon DataCures

Discover the future of healthcare, shaped by data-driven solutions and evidence-based insights. Get a competitive edge in the healthcare industry with our bi-weekly newsletter on health dat

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Silver Geeks

Empowering the Wise: Your Weekly Source of Tech, Health, and Wealth Insights. Join Silver Geeks for a journey of digital discovery and holistic well-being, curated for the vibrant 50+ commun

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Longevity Minded

icon Longevity Minded

Helping you live better, for longer.

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The Pill

icon The Pill

Weekly Dose of Health Content

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Almost Sated

icon Almost Sated

Boldly embracing midlife while detoxing from diet culture. Writing from the intersection of food, feminism, health and well-being.

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Attraction Flow

icon Attraction Flow

Becoming a better, more competent individual.

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Longevity Minded

icon Longevity Minded

Longevity Minded is a newsletter focused on all things longevity where my goal is to help you live a longer and healthier life. Every Thursday morning, you’ll receive an e-mail from me tha

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The LifeWalk

icon The LifeWalk

The LifeWalk is your guided path to exploration and growth where we explore how to trust your intuition and live your most authentic life.

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Conquering Burnout

icon Conquering Burnout

Conquering Burnout is a newsletter about Burnout Awareness, Prevention and Recovery. My ultimate goal is to illuminate the topic burnout, help you to become aware of it, prevent it and reco

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