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Sustained Growth

icon Sustained Growth

Fighting climate change and entrepreneurship go hand in hand. At Sustained Growth we write about sustainable business ideas and up-and-coming companies that are shaping the world. From food

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The Green Fix

icon The Green Fix

Broke, busy and bombarded by conflicting information about the climate? Same. The Green Fix is a newsletter sharing information and free practical resources for who’s interested in helpin

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'tings with impact

icon 'tings with impact

The 'tings with impact newsletter will provide you with an insight into startups that are doing something to preserve the future of our planet. The startups will range from meat replacement,

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The Cool Down

icon The Cool Down

The ultimate guide for climate-positive living

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Plugged In

Weekly EV newsletter and website that provides tools, information, and news to get smarter about Electric Vehicles..

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Backyard Stewardship

Supporting natural communities in your own backyard.

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Impact Supporters

icon Impact Supporters

Weekly newsletter dedicated to people in Impact VC. Articles include market deep-dives, theoretical discussions, interviews with impact VC investors, etc.

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The Daily Poster

icon The Daily Poster

Following the money and holding the powerful accountable.

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For the Love of Nature

icon For the Love of Nature

Positive sustainability news.

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The Bizmissive

icon The Bizmissive

The Bizmissive is a newsletter about email marketing with a particular focus on how to use Constant Contact. It comes out 1-2 times a month and has a readership over over 3,500 members.

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icon Destino

DESTINO: The creator economy guide. A content creators guide in Spanish with crypto, tech, music industry and circular economy as catalysts.

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Climate Foresight

icon Climate Foresight

Climate foresights for the leaders of tomorrow.

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The Kable

icon The Kable

Business intelligence for the life sciences industry.

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Sustainability Today

icon Sustainability Today

Sustainability TodayClimateSustainability Today is a magazine created by Innovative Properties Worldwide, publisher of Innovation & Tech Today.

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Home Body

icon Home Body

Introverts outreach, midlife-climate crises and kitchen-sink creativity

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The OSINTSUM provides a concise and unbiased summary of recent geopolitically-significant events. It is based on open-source reporting, and we include a link to the source article for each

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Wild Things Initiative

Conservation fell victim to the free market. I'm exposing the organizations that enable the climate and biodiversity crises.

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Better Batteries

icon Better Batteries

A weekly newsletter that explains the importance of batteries in our world today. Insights about what batteries are, how they work, as well as how they fit in the greater energy landscape.

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Quickly Green

Bite-sized articles with easy eco-tips for greener living.

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Save Our Happy Place

icon Save Our Happy Place

Simple Climate Action

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icon Sustayz

Making hospitality more sustainable We deliver a bi-weekly newsletter that explores the intersection between sustainability, hospitality, real estate and tech.

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icon Decarbonfuse

The community for climate and energy technology entrepreneurs, investors, engineers, and enthusiasts. Follow the money flow of climate, technology, and energy investments to uncover new oppo

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The Weekly Roundup

icon The Weekly Roundup

One email at the end of each week summarizing the global environment news you need to know, what to act on, and what to smile about. Thousands of people read this every week and we'd love to

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icon PodSnacks

It’s like Blinkist for podcasts.

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