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Positively Lovely Marketers

icon Positively Lovely Marketers

Every email we send is crafted with love, information and opportunities for connection for marketers. All sent to 19,000+ marketers on the regular.

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A magazine about human machine relations, the psychology of social media and artificial intelligence, art and culture.

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icon Therefore

Your journey from consumer to creator starts here. Therefore Daily, tips and insights for creators to build their own world. Everything you need to thrive in the online economy sent straig

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The Growth Mindset

I help companies achieve their online goals with digital marketing. Get the strategies and tips I use sent to you in my weekly newsletter. Sent on Sundays. Try it. It’s Free.

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Marketing news & actionable strategy.

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On Repeat

icon On Repeat

Remember that kid that was always making mixtapes? That was me. Later, I was the one burning CDs for everyone. Today, I help you build better playlists. Give me two weeks, and I’ll give y

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Influence Weekly

icon Influence Weekly

What the Influencer Marketing industry reads.

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[ perspective ix ]

icon [ perspective ix ]

A tech, media, and business focused, but not limited, weekly newsletter — every Sunday.

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Open The Mic Newsletter

icon Open The Mic Newsletter

News, information and tips about podcasting you may have missed.

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DT Self Mastery Guide

icon DT Self Mastery Guide

I write articles that help you become the best version of yourself.

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The weekly scoop on the technology that changes how we befriend, date, relate, and communicate—from the big players to emerging startups.

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Public Sphere

icon Public Sphere

Public Sphere is a newsletter for people trying to make sense of this current moment of democratic decline — and not just in the context of Donald Trump.

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Marketing Matters Weekly

icon Marketing Matters Weekly

The best 5-7 links with actionable marketing ideas.

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The Bizmissive

icon The Bizmissive

The Bizmissive is a newsletter about email marketing with a particular focus on how to use Constant Contact. It comes out 1-2 times a month and has a readership over over 3,500 members.

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Scroll Sanity

icon Scroll Sanity

Staying sane in a digital world.

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icon Geekout

The Ultimate Newsletter for Busy Social Media Managers Don't spend hours each week trying to keep up to date with all the latest: - industry news - platform updates - new tools + feat

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Media Mentions

Media Mentions is a newsletter on the media business, published by Letterhead. Each week, we cover industry news, essential reads, and cool projects to follow.

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low-key obsessed

stuff i’m low-key obsessed with - and probably you are, too.

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Paging Dr. Lesbian

icon Paging Dr. Lesbian

Dispatches from the lesbian internet (and beyond).

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Future News

Innovation and developments in the news media industry

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The PR Dispatch

icon The PR Dispatch

The PR Dispatch is a regular publication full of interesting, relevant links for Public Relations and Communication Professionals. We cover events, conferences, articles, industry reports ne

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Pop Quiz Me

icon Pop Quiz Me

1 pop culture newsletter each day.

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My Home Office Hacks

icon My Home Office Hacks

A virtual water cooler for remote folks.

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La Newsletter de

icon La Newsletter de

Una publicación semanal en la que repasamos las noticias del mundo de la Tecnología, Marketing Digital, Productividad Personal y cualquier cosa que me interese... ¿te apuntas?

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