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How can we build resilient organisations? In a perma-crisis world, resilience helps us weather the storms. Resilience is a weekly newsletter about how you can build resilience into businesse

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International Intrigue

icon International Intrigue

A weekly foreign affairs newsletter but different. Written by two former diplomats, it's insightful, irreverent and fun. No insider jargon, just digestible analysis with a few lols thrown in

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petestarkcore (american politics)

icon petestarkcore (american politics)

Analysis and commentary around American elections and what to expect

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Mexico Desde Afuera

A curated weekly newsletter about the latest on Mexico, reported by the Foreign Press. Written to the expat community in Mexico and the Mexican community abroad.

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Econ Dev Show

The Econ Dev Show is a podcast, email newsletter, and blog of actionable strategies, fresh news, insights, and ideas from the economic development community and your host, Dane Carlson.

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Crime and Punishment: Why the Poor Stay Poor in America

How Our Laws and Culture Create a Cycle of Economic, Racial and Environmental Inequality...and What We Can Do To Change It.

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The Merge

icon The Merge

We think National Defense news is boring and hard to sift through, so we created a newsletter to fix it. We make sense of defense business and tech happenings in an enjoyable way that makes

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An independent, ad-free, subscriber supported politics newsletter that summarizes the best arguments of the day from the left, right and center.

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icon ExcessDeathsAU

The Australian government (federal, state and local levels) committed democide, during ‘covid zero’ and beyond. Here I document their crimes.

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Simple Politics with Kim Wehle

Read. Learn. Vote. I am a law professor and ABC News analyst and my Substack, SimplePolitics, does a twice weekly post on legal basics which cover the non-stop groundbreaking legal news in

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FCI Weekly

icon FCI Weekly

An email newsletter analyzing current events in the intersection between the businesses fighting (and enabling) financial crime, the criminals, and the government.

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Trending in Politics #makeitpolitical

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Passport History

Tom's website is a goldmine of passports and their history.

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Great Power Politics

icon Great Power Politics

Great Power Politics is a free newsletter dedicated to exploring the history of international politics. From the great powers of Europe to the Cold War and beyond, I write about the conflict

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Get smarter faster on the worlds most dynamic region.

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HEMRAJ's Newsletter

icon HEMRAJ's Newsletter

Everything that you can think of, and that I find worth talking about.

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Same Shit, Different Government (SSDG)

icon Same Shit, Different Government (SSDG)

Truth against politics! I'm Mike Hampton, a South African activist sharing news and writing articles that slice through global war and other geopolitical propaganda.

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Mixed Migration—hebdo

Mixed Migration—hebdo compiles, curates, and drops into your inbox each Monday the last week's global press coverage of migration policy developments, from remote borders to UN headquarter

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The Lucretia Report, Week in Review

icon The Lucretia Report, Week in Review

The Week in Review newsletter brings you all the most important stories of the week, every week, from our unapologetically progressive perspective. New editions every Friday evening!

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The Civic Librarian

icon The Civic Librarian

Your trusty librarian connecting you with civic information. Enthusiastic explorer of .gov domains. An advocate of staying engaged, informed, and curious!

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The Glimpse | World News

The objective of The Glimpse is to offer a brief overview of world news events throughout the week. While not exhaustive, our hope is these stories can provide a small window into global eve

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"Tax Tidbits"

Approximately once a week I send out a newsletter with all sorts of tax and related information and tax saving tips. These tax tips are focused on individual taxpayers, small business owners

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The OSINTSUM provides a concise and unbiased summary of recent geopolitically-significant events. It is based on open-source reporting, and we include a link to the source article for each

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What's Happening in China

What's Happening in China is a weekly newsletter that curates the latest and most important news and developments from China, covering politics, society, economy, culture, technology, and mo

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