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Serious Games Jobs weekly digest

icon Serious Games Jobs weekly digest

Have game development skills? Find work and apply them beyond traditional games.

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Modern Teams

We help you discover forward thinking companies and dream jobs.

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Path Nine

icon Path Nine

Strategies, tactics, and tools to help leaders, creators, and entrepreneurs think, work, and live better. Become a full-stack human. Click to read Path Nine, by Kevin Kirkpatrick, a Substack publication with hundreds of readers.

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Mindsers' Newsletter

icon Mindsers' Newsletter

In addition to the very blog posts I write, I try to send to my subscribers a more personal newsletter each month. This newsletter is about my own journey as a developer and entrepreneur.

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Deliberate Internet

icon Deliberate Internet

Nuanced perspectives combining Remote Work, Technology, Psychology,and Solarpunk

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Income List

icon Income List

Bite-Sized SEO & affiliate marketing lessons in your inbox.

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Nomad Hacker

icon Nomad Hacker

The best hacks, tools and insights I discover on my digital nomad journey

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Microsoft 365 Weekly

Curated newsletter featuring Microsoft 365 ecosystem

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Women Who Side Hustle

icon Women Who Side Hustle

A look into my Journey as I navigate the good, bad and the ugly side of Side Hustles. My Newsletter will be about my adventure of taking on 5 Side Hustles and how I make money online as a mo

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Flexiple Tech Talk

icon Flexiple Tech Talk

Top-class articles about the Core software engineering tutorials and deep-dive articles written by the best in the industry, Actionable advise on building your own startup and Commentary &a

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Remote Jobs Center

icon Remote Jobs Center

Remote product and design jobs without geo-restrictions, UX tools, and resources

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Remote Job Page

1000+ weekly remote jobs curated from a few best sources on the internet

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Hello Remote

A weekly newsletter that highlights hand-picked marketing jobs at companies that are remote-first and remote-only. I'm a LinkedIn Top Voice for Remote Work and a Senior Content Writer at S

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Travel Gear, Tech, and All Things Nerd

icon Travel Gear, Tech, and All Things Nerd

Highlighting the gear, technology, and nerdy tips and tricks from an expat living and working in Europe. All in less than 5 minutes a week!

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icon NoCommute

We’ll deliver remote job openings that have been posted for less than 24 hours to your inbox every day. They’ll cover a range of companies, backgrounds, and skill sets, so you can find t

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Remote Letter

icon Remote Letter

Stuff for digital nomads, freelancers, & WFH employees.

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Like working in a coffee shop, but can’t? 1 hour of coffee shop sounds delivered to your inbox every weekday.

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Hello Remote

icon Hello Remote

It goes out weekly and highlights under-the-radar remote marketing jobs for those that have lost their jobs during the pandemic, are keeping an eye out, or want to advance their careers.

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The Nomad Newsletter

icon The Nomad Newsletter

For digital nomads who want to launch or scale their freedom lifestyles

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Food for Agile Thought

icon Food for Agile Thought

The best news & insights for all things agile.

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Nomad Bird

icon Nomad Bird

The newsletter for Nomads and remote workers. Get news, insights, advice and much more.

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The Shift

icon The Shift

Field Guide to the Future of Work and Living. Weekly curated tools for thought

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Remote Leaf

icon Remote Leaf

Remote Leaf aggregates remote jobs in one organised place from hundreds of remote job boards, company career pages, linkedin, reddit, twitter, facebook groups and hacker news hiring.

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The Remote Weekly

icon The Remote Weekly

Insightful content to make you better at remote work

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