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Advice, insights, and inspiration to help engineers grow.

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The Slice

icon The Slice

A curated weekly email introducing founders to emerging tools and actionable content to grow your project.

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The Discourse

icon The Discourse

Insights into product, design & no-code.

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An alternative to Product Hunt for WordPress products. Find new and interesting WordPress plugins, themes, tools and more. Upvote and share your thoughts.

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Scrappy MarTech

icon Scrappy MarTech

For Growth Marketers who use tech to get things done! Discover the best of: No-code Marketing Tools, Clever "How to" Solutions, and Growth Marketing Tips.

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Friday Finds

icon Friday Finds

Exploring the intersection of learning, design & technology

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Ideas to Makers

Product ideas for indie makers delivered to your inbox every week.

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Colors & Fonts

icon Colors & Fonts

A curated library of colors and fonts for digital designers and web developers

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icon Venturism

Venturism is a NoCode Startup Studio, and shares hacks, tips, and smarts about building startups NoCode-first.

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The Epic Growth

icon The Epic Growth

Curated content and breakdown of difficult technological concepts for early PMs

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The No-code method newsletter

icon The No-code method newsletter

A weekly newsletter for developers, designers, and agencies that want to build better products, faster. Deep dives into product development, no-code, user experience, and technology.

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Bytes and Brew

icon Bytes and Brew

A bi-weekly AI-focused newsletter focused on the integration of AI in our lives, wrapped around a theme or topic. Each edition contains content that wraps each edition's theme/topic, includi

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Building Blox

icon Building Blox

A newsletter dedicated to exploring the intersection of no-code and AI, and how they are transforming the world of startups

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Martiniere Stories

icon Martiniere Stories

Welcome to Martiniere Stories! This is the home for all things Martiniere, including short works and rough draft serialized novels. Weekly story post on or around Fridays.

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The Big Bang Launch Newsletter

icon The Big Bang Launch Newsletter

The Big Bang Launch is a weekly newsletter where we interview successful creators whose products are featured in the top 3 of Product Hunt. Subscribe to our newsletter and unlock their launc

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Open Pull Request

icon Open Pull Request

Discover new & Inspiring Open Source libraries to build, contribute and learn

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Modern Museum

A curated newsletter to make you a smarter and more resourceful creator.

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All Things Automation

icon All Things Automation

Sign up to our newsletter and to get expert help with business automation. Twice a month you'll get general automations tips as well as updates and resources on Zapier & Integromat.

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Chimp Ideas

icon Chimp Ideas

Get freshly baked tech ideas for your next startup backed by data to your inbox weekly! Click to read Chimp Ideas, by Vytautas Sabaliauskas, a Substack publication with hundreds of readers.

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icon Makerpad

The easiest way to build tools without code. Explore the best no-code tools. Learn how to build powerful applications. Hire experts to help you with your project. Find and apply for jobs in the no-code community

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YEN.FM — Community, Daily.

An indispensable newsletter for the discerning, community-minded professional; delivered daily in perfectly-sized portions.

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What The Hype

icon What The Hype

Brainstorm ways to build cash-flowing digital assets.

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Tableau Tea Break

icon Tableau Tea Break

Whether you’re looking to learn or get better at Tableau, build a community, make best use of Tableau at your organisation or just want to find great tips, training, visualisations and res

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Crashing Up

icon Crashing Up

Weekly growth-focused insights and tools to help you build the next big thing. No news, only new ideas. Click to read Crashing Up, by Randy Ginsburg, a Substack publication with hundreds of readers.

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