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Subscribe to get nuanced essays and hopeful Vegan news right into your inbox, every month.

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White Noise

icon White Noise

A weekly missive in which I write about books, behavior, and the brain. Tune in 📻. Click to read White Noise, by Tom White, a Substack publication with thousands of readers.

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The Verse

icon The Verse

Scripture meditations, theology topics, poems, stories, and more.

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Gabe Vertrees Newsletter

icon Gabe Vertrees Newsletter

I share my life long learning with you in the form of a short form, or long form article.

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Turtle's Pace

icon Turtle's Pace

Each Thursday, I share 3 useful ideas to develop clear and creative thinking.

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The Astukari Newsletter

icon The Astukari Newsletter

The Astukari Newsletter is a curated list of worthwhile content by writer Jacob Robinson. Every two weeks get the best in psychology, business, investing, and more in an email that takes about two minutes to read. Optimizing for the most “revelations per minute” on the internet.

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icon Twentitude

Twentitude: Slow Thought at Fast Speed. Subscribe to a fortnightly newsletter on thriving in the turbulent twenties. In your inbox every other Tuesday.

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Drei Cafe

icon Drei Cafe

A newsletter about literature and nicotine addiction

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Human+ is an (almost) weekly newsletter about intentional living, philosophy, psychology, and self-development. Basically, if it helps you to live a clearer life, then it's here. Pieces are

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GoatFury's FutureScapes

icon GoatFury's FutureScapes

A daily newsletter where I share my observations about our changing technological and societal landscape with you. Nuanced takes on technology, society, and the future: dive deep with thoughtful insights and critical thinking.

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icon PowerNotes

daily bite-sized ideas and notes that matter

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The Quip - Cody Tucker

icon The Quip - Cody Tucker

Marketing expert and student of the humanities Cody Tucker writes in plain English to explain the inner workings of the mind, connecting the great works of psychology and philosophy to prese

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Remember Sunday

Don't we all love words and art?

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Salmon Theory

A newsletter that uses ideas from philosophy to help creative marketers find clarity in chaos. It runs weekly, sometimes has smart guests, and often includes a cat cartoon.

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That’s Philosophical

Our lives are full of clutter. Get refreshing ideas powered by ancient philosophies to help you navigate the mess. Allow your mind to relax in a world that can’t take a break.

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icon Placeful

Placeful is a weekly newsletter exploring sense of place, sustainability, and how and why we should nurture our connection to the places that define us, for the betterment of our communities

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I’ve Been Thinking

Unusual trains of thought with no particular destination. Click to read I've Been Thinking, by Dylan Buck, a Substack publication. Launched a year ago.

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Polymathic Being

icon Polymathic Being

Counter intuitive insights from technology, innovation, philosophy, psychology, and more.

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Khayali Pulao

icon Khayali Pulao

Stories, frameworks, and mental models to propel you forward in life, relations, and work.

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Alice Strathern

icon Alice Strathern

I love exploring creativity in its many forms. I believe it is a tool that anyone can use, regardless of their background. On the other hand, there’s a lot of factors that contribute to building a creative life.

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Zat Rana

icon Zat Rana

Expressing the nuances of the human condition

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Unintended Consequences

icon Unintended Consequences

systems | complexity | second-order effects

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Thinking Ahead

Curated curiosity, or an exploration of ideas in science, philosophy, and technology.

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Learn India's ancient literature, culture, heritage through web comics.

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